250-hr Hot Yoga Teacher Training



Evolation Hot yoga teacher trainings are personalized, integrated, and transformational. Now you can make yoga your living as you evolve your practice and elevate your understanding of yourSelf and the world.


photo courtesy of Berlin Hot Yoga


Evolation Yoga has hosted over 65 Hot yoga teacher trainings and we’ve been doing this since 2009. Our trainings are unique and superior to other teacher trainings because they provide you with:

  • preparation and experience teaching actual classes
  • a feedback environment that promotes continuous growth
  • a highly experienced teaching team
  • small training groups with personalized attention
  • excellent, comprehensive curriculum with an emphasis on posture alignment
  • in-depth exploration of yoga philosophy as it applies to practical daily life
  • worldwide teaching opportunities as you are now part of the global evolation collective
  • ongoing mentorship and support throughout your teaching journey and career


Join us for one of our World Renowned Trainings in 2017

Bali Indonesia Hot 250hr Jan 9 – Feb 4
Dubai, UAE Hot 250hr Jan 30 – Feb 25
Santa Barbara CA Hot 250hr Feb 6 – Mar 4
Costa Rica Hot 250hr Feb 20 – Mar 18
Hawaii HI Hot 250hr Mar 6 – Apr 1
Santa Barbara CA Hot 250hr Mar 20 – Apr 15
Santa Barbara CA Hot 250hr Apr 24 – May 20
Santa Barbara CA Hot 500hr Apr 24 – Jun 17
Buffalo NY Hot 250hr May 22 – Jun 17
Italy Hot 250hr Jun 19 – Jul 15
Berlin Germany Hot 250hr Jul 17 – Aug 12
Santa Barbara CA Hot 250hr Aug 21 – Sep 16

.. and even more on the way!




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