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an evolation love story

an evolation love story

“when love is your only defense, you are unstoppable”

Irene Romano and John Riccio met an evolation teacher training in Tampa, FL, where they were both assisting teachers. “I remember talking with my trainer, Gary, when I first arrived. He had invited me to watch Sunday football with his family and someone named John, another evolation graduate that was in town teaching 6am classes. I said, ‘Ok!’ It seemed nice. and I was curious to see who this John was. :)”

Now engaged to be married, Irene and John began traveling the world together to teach yoga and grow their love through each new adventure.

How does yoga play a role in your relationship?

Irene: In our daily life, yoga is a common passion, a common vision of what Life is, which grounds us and much more. It’s a way to grow together, sharing our vision, our daily little big steps in this path, helping each other to find a better way to be teachers and students. Yoga is the thread that sews our lives together.

How has a relationship where you share yoga and the yoga lifestyle been different from past relationships?

John: It’s like I am a different person living in a different world altogether, there’s no comparison. The level of health, communication, trust and intimacy are at such a higher level of consciousness that I know that we are making sound decisions for each other and ourselves. With our yoga and meditation practices, there is a constant learning and growth between us.

Irene: Yes, I totally agree. In the past relationships there was always something missing, a hole, a little sadness somewhere deep in me. Somehow, i was feeling alone. When I met John, I met a mate, a student, a teacher, a lover, a brother, my best friend. I felt completed and definitely not alone :)

Has your view or opinion of love and relationship changed since you discovered yoga? 

Irene : When I started to practice everyday and then teaching, my whole life changed. I couldn’t lie to myself anymore and, of course, what wasn’t honestly flowing in my life was big and clear in front of my eyes. Now I can affirm that Love is not suffering, is not something you settle for and living in two is definitely easier that by yourself (we share joy and pain). After years of difficulty in trust, now I know that we are all people, capable to love with an integrity that many only dream of or hear about in fairy tales.”

John: Of course. Yoga and meditation, even when I didn’t know what I was doing, opened myself and in the opening I released much of my old conditioning. With the constant flow of new perspective, the love for myself and relationship with my past was healed and hence grew stronger in the new strength I am able to see Love for what it truly is as I see myself for who I truly am. That makes me the best partner I can be for Irene.

What is your and your partners favorite yoga pose?

Irene: Everything changes, the body and the way to practice too. So, it’s a very hard answer to give. But I would say that there’s one pose that I loved since the first time I practiced it and I still enjoy it so much: Dandayamana Bibhaktapada Paschimottanasana -Standing Separated Legs Stretching Pose.”

John:  No questions: Savasana! It’s like eating the cake you just baked. If you don’t end your practice with a proper Savasana it’s like baking that cake and throwing it in the trash :)

Irene: I love my man, with his high concept – low brow :)

Allison Antoinette

Allison Antoinette​ is the newest addition to evolation yoga with a background in Ashtanga and Kundalini yoga alongside holistic nutrition. ​​Her inquisitive brain​ ​​finds joy in Eastern traditions and looks to help improve a quality of life for all.