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August giveaway: win a yoga mat from Magic Carpet Yoga Mats

August giveaway: win a yoga mat from Magic Carpet Yoga Mats

For our August giveaway, we are pleased to partner with Magic Carpet Yoga Mats to offer Evolation readers a chance to win a yoga mat from Magic Carpet Yoga Mats. Be sure and subscribe to our blog and visit our Facebook page every month to stay on top of our following giveaways.

Final update on the Yoga Mat from Magic Carpet Yoga Mats Giveaway

We have a winner! Jennifer M is the lucky contestant who gets a Yoga Mat from Magic Carpet Yoga Mats.

Your chance for a yoga mat from Magic Carpet Yoga Mats

The giveaway will run from August 1st to 31st and one winner will be selected at random. The winner will receive a gorgeous yoga mat from Magic Carpet Yoga Mats after the giveaway has ended. We will announce which yoga mat from Magic Carpet Yoga Mats will be given away as time draws nearer. Entries limited to residents in the United States of America and Canada. Enter using the form below (can have multiple entries):

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About Magic Carpet Yoga Mats

Sophie Leininger is a Northern California-based artist.

Her long-time fascination with traditional textile and rug design has never found an appropriate outlet for study. Until now.

Magic Carpet Yoga Mats embrace traditional design with the hand painted attention of a trained artist. Leininger paints each design by hand and prints them on yoga mats to full size, providing a unique and artistic alternative to the common mat. Performing yoga postures on a beautiful mat enhances the yoga experience by connecting the pleasures of the heart to the movement of the body.

She is pleased to make the pleasure yours.

All designs hand drawn by Sophie Leininger. Magic Carpet Yoga Mats are always Non-Toxic, phthalate-free, and sustainably printed in California, USA.

yoga mat from Magic Carpet Yoga Mats

more about Magic Carpet Yoga Mats

To learn more about these stunning mats and other Magic Carpet Yoga Mat products head to magiccarpetym.com.


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