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biophilia and the amazing benefits of flowers and plants

biophilia and the amazing benefits of flowers and plants

You’ve recently taken your yoga practice from the crowded community yoga studio to your very own home. You’ve established a yoga room and decorated it. You’ve painted the room a tranquil color, organized your yoga mats and blocks, but something still seems to be lacking.

Can’t quite pin it down? We’ll give you a little hint. You grow them in your garden and love receiving them on any occasion.

Plants and flowers can make a welcomed addition to any yoga studio, including your at-home space. Not only are these additions beautiful and pleasing, flowers and plants boast a range of benefits for both mental and physical well-being. Here are a few reasons to surround yourself with flowers and plants:

The Healing Benefits of Flowers

According to research from Texas A&M, flowers can benefit your mental and physical health. Being around plants can improve a person’s concentration and memory and studies have shown that plants help people perform better when completing tasks.

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Plants stimulate the mind and the senses, thus improving both mental cognition and performance. Flowers and plants are also linked to lower stress levels. People who have flowers in their home report feeling happier and more relaxed. Additionally, the positive energy of plants gives people a more optimistic outlook on life. Being around plants is even said to increase empathy and compassion levels, improving relationships with oneself and others. Spending time in nature, or surrounded by it, increases a person’s feeling of vitality, boosting their energy levels. Adding the healing benefits of flowers, plants and trees to your home and your yoga room can certainly have a positive effect.

Understanding Biophilia

In his book titled “Biophilia,” American biologist and Harvard professor Edward Osborne Wilson explains the human connection to the natural environment. Biophilia, a term which was coined by Wilson, describes the human affinity to life. Essentially, Wilson explains that all humans are hardwired to need or desire a connection with nature and other forms of living species. For many people, connecting with nature provides a near spiritual experience. Today, biophilia explains why we have an urge to spend time alongside nature. Just as connecting with nature is spiritual to some, yoga also provides an opportunity to connect with nature, and yourself on a deeper, more spiritual level. Combining nature and yoga can unlock a host of benefits for your mental and physical well-being.

How to Use Flowers In Your Yoga Room

Many spiritual healers use plants in their line of work and yoga instructors often use flowers and plants in their studios to represent the bond between humans and nature. By recreating what the professionals are doing in your own studio, you can harness the healing power of plants right at home. Yoga and meditation is all about connecting your body with nature’s elements, it only makes sense to bring some of the outdoors, in. Whether it’s a small bonsai or a fresh vase of flowers, having a small piece of nature present during your practice can be highly beneficial. For the best fresh flowers, look to online resources such as FTD. The flower delivery service offers green plants, orchids and a special zen collection, featuring both bonsai and bamboo plants.

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