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1 week left – 50% discount for all merchandise at Hotdog Yoga

1 week left – 50% discount for all merchandise at Hotdog Yoga

From May 15 to July 15, people who use the code EVO50 on Hotdog Yoga’s
site will receive a 50% discount for all merchandise at Hot Dog Yoga.


There is only one week left to take advantage of the amazing 50% discount for all merchandise at Hotdog Yoga. Read bellow to learn more.

50% discount for all merchandise at Hotdog Yoga

Hotdog Yoga is known for their Hotdog Yoga Rollpack®, an all-in-one bag and mat carrier that easily holds your mat, clothes, water, phone and anything else you take to your yoga class. It’s unique design adjusts to accommodate any yoga mat—basic or pro size, rolled tightly or loosely, with or without towel/blanket to fit easily and comfortably. It is also the only yoga bag with a design that packs clothing flat and wraps it smoothly around your mat. Clothing is kept separate from yoga mat and other practice gear, so it stays dry, clean and easy to pack and unpack. Hanger slots in the bag let you store your bag and clothing unfolded while generous, padded cargo pockets hold your yoga strap, phone, keys and other small accessories and personal items. Stretchy, moisture-wicking water bottle caddy holds even the largest sports bottles and all materials are treated with water- and stain-repellant finishes—just wipe clean with a damp cloth and air dry. Removable mat tie-down adds extra “holding power” when worn across the back for biking, walking or commuting. To top it all off, despite its capacity and features, the Hotdog Yoga Rollpack® itself is actually smaller than your mat!hot-yoga-teacher-training-250-300

50% discount for all merchandise at Hotdog Yoga for everyone

The bags are available internationally and they have shipped to more than 50 countries so far. To check out their whole collection, head to the Hotdog Catalog.

See it in action here:

Along with the Rollpack®, the 50% discount for all merchandise at Hotdog Yoga can get save you on Yogatotes, wristbands and Nalgene water bottles.

about Hotdog Yoga

The team at Hotdog Yoga Gear has more than two decades of experience designing and manufacturing bags and accessories of all kinds, in a variety of industries. They’re also passionate about yoga – in fact everyone involved in the development of Hotdog products, from designers to focus groups, hits the mat. They strive for the perfect union of function, quality and style, and to create new and innovative features that you won’t find anywhere else.

behind the scenes

Hotdog yoga was started by a passionate yogi. But far more importantly, inside the company and out, every single person involved in the birth of Hotdog Yoga and the design, development and testing of their products, is a yoga person. From celebrated teachers in a wide variety of styles, to seriously-dedicated practitioners, to studio owners, they are proud to say that Hotdog is 100% created and run by yoga people, for yoga people.

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