extended yoga teacher training tampa

Tampa, Florida

The yoga teacher training Tampa location is one of the original evolation yoga studios. Spend four weeks in the sunshine of Tampa to receive your hot yoga teacher training certification.

Join one of our extended programs to learn how to teach on your time.

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extended yoga teacher training tampa

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extended yoga teacher training tampa

Evolation trainings are usually completed in one intensive 4-week straight immersion program. However, this is a demanding schedule that not everyone can make time for. The evolation yoga extended teacher training curriculum for Tampa takes each individual’s needs into consideration. Each person is able to attend periodic workshops, study groups, lectures, reading assignments when they have the time. By maintaining a regular practice and participating in at least one of our immersion trainings on a part-time basis you will be able to become a certified evolation yoga teacher on a schedule that suits you.

You may now start your 250 hour evolation teacher training process any time that suits you; and you will be able to complete the training over the course of 6 months.

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The evolation yoga extended teacher training is $3,900 for 250 hours of valuable hands on experience spread out across six months. When you have paid the first $2000 you will receive the teacher training manual and you can begin preparing for the course.

what’s included

Teacher training with evolation yoga offers you life long support. Along with the extended training element of the course you will receive our teacher training manual, classes for life at evolation owned yoga studios, the option to return to future teacher trainings (of the same level) at no cost and a discount on our Beyond 26+2 Next Step certification.

You must purchase the set texts and bring your own yoga mat for the duration of the training.

Since these trainings are more particular, the best way to start is to email (mark@evolationyoga.com) or call Mark at +1 561-827-8279

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