global hot yoga teacher training

come with us: july 4 – 30, 2015

Complete your yoga teacher training in our closest affiliated yoga studio, hot yoga jupiter. Spend four weeks in jupiter, florida, the heart of palm beach county for the global hot yoga teacher training.

Take yourself on a 4 week journey that will change your life.

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The teacher training in Jupiter is a comprehensive program that teaches you the skills to teach the hot yoga Primary series.


Hot Yoga Jupiter opened November 2013 and has proven to be THE hot yoga studio in northern Palm Beach County. The entire state-of-the-art studio was designed solely by Cassie Aitken to ensure no crucial steps were missed. Two Quiet and powerful humidifiers dot the back wall next to the CO2 monitoring system. The CO2 monitoring system constantly keeps track the CO2 and other dangerous chemicals in the room and activates silent vents when levels raise too high. The studio has two separate ingrained heating and cooling systems that give the teachers precise control over the temperature and humidity. The heat and humidity are scanned and recorded by two advanced thermometers on opposite sides of the room so the entire room remains at the exact right temperature and humidity for the duration of each class. To top it all off the entire heating system is ingrained into the studio and no heaters or vents are seen when practicing in the studio for a clean, refreshing feeling when practicing in the room.

There is no other studio in Florida that has this level of technology ensuring each class is perfectly regulated. But fear not, there is also no other studio in Florida that has a inviting and nourishing feeling than Hot Yoga Jupiter. From the moment someone walks in the front door a sense of calm resonates over them. The front room is beautifully decorated with top of the line yoga clothes, mats, and towels. Two charming changing rooms with showers and cubbies fulfill all needs any yogi or yogini may need. From there, walking into the studio feels like taking a step into serenity. Natural lighting illuminates the peaceful space through captivating windows and palm trees. The floors were designed specifically with hot yoga in mind, meaning they are non-slippery, non-absorbent, heat resistant and smooth to the touch.

Absolutely nothing was left out in the planning for the pristine Hot Yoga Jupiter studio.


The four week program prepares each and every student for a conscious and connected contribution for the rest of their lives. Self-growth is essential for any student’s yoga journey. The curriculum and classes you learn to teach are also the necessary tools for your personal Self awakening. The instructors will support you reaching these goals both during the training and with ongoing mentoring and support after the immersion period is complete.

For more information, head to Global Yoga’s teacher training page or Hot Yoga Jupiter’s Workshop and training page.

If you have any questions or would like to register for the Global Hot Yoga Teacher Training, email Cassie at jupitercassie(at)gmail.com