Santa Barbara, California

Oct 2 – Nov 22, 2017

Mar 26 – May 19, 2018

Imagine the Bikram yoga teacher training experience in a more balanced, inclusive and open minded environment.

Now, imagine getting certified to teach both the classic 26+2 series, as well as intelligently designed Flow classes, plus an introduction to Yin yoga, all in a single immersive Training experience. Our Trainings have been designed to not only make better yoga teachers who know how to deeply inspire and uplift, but to notably improve the quality of your own life in tangible and practical ways that are meaningful to you.

Evolation’s TheHotTT is evolation’s fullest expression of this vision.

TheHotTT is an 8 week, 500 hour Life Training that will simultaneously allow you to get certified as a Yoga Teacher in either of two three tracks: you may choose to immerse yourself completely in the classic Primary Series (26+2) for the full 500 hours; or get certified to teach the Primary Series as well as Flow Yoga classes. Whichever track calls you, you will experience an intense Training environment designed to expand your mind and your view of yourself forever.

The Price of the Training is $10,650. This includes the tuition fee, training materials, flight transfers, accommodation and 2 meals a day weekdays.

To learn more visit TheHotTT.com (Limited to 20 participants – apply today)

hot yoga teacher training santa barbara

hot yoga teacher training santa barbara

hot yoga teacher training santa barbara


TheHotTT Santa Barbara

The focus of this 500 hour course is to help you become a well balanced Yoga teacher in either the Hot Yoga discipline or in both Hot Yoga and Flow Yoga. The curriculum includes posture mechanics, teaching clinics and in-depth lectures on the practical applications of yoga philosophy in your and your students’ daily lives. The schedule moves on a rotating basis between yoga practice, workshops and theory, allowing ever increasing depth of integration between the three.

In addition to learning how to teach the Primary Hot Yoga Series (26+2) and Flow Yoga, you will be introduced to new styles of yoga, and learn about the theory and benefits of meditation during an extensive meditation workshop.


TheHotTT is an 8 week, 500 hour, Yoga Alliance registered Yoga Teacher Training, covering Hot, Flow and Yin styles of yoga. You will deepen your yoga knowledge with practical philosophy and anatomy lectures; teaching clinics; posture mechanics and alignment clinics; and yoga classes beyond the traditional 26+2 postures.

For more information about the curriculum, go here.

sample schedule

Weekdays for TheHotTT are typically 9am-10:00pm and Saturdays are from 9am-3pm. Some weekends include special programming for your additional workshops and teaching certificates. Sundays without special programs are optional.

For more information about the schedule, go here.


The Santa Barbara HotTT training will be situated in the flagship studio Evolation Yoga Santa Barbara, located at 108 Pierpont Avenue, 2nd floor in Summerland, California. This large studio is the perfect synthesis of beauty and peace as it showcases ocean views in both of the beautiful yoga rooms. Opening their doors in February of 2014, the entire studio is fresh, new and full of light, bright energy.

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