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just show up

just show up

show up

1. To be clearly visible.
2. To put in an appearance; arrive.
3. To expose or reveal the true character or nature of.

The hardest part of Yoga is just showing up. How often do we look for excuses no to do something?   Go, Don’t go!  I’m tired. I feel lethargic. I can’t be bothered. This hurts, that hurts. We all have these thoughts often. When these thoughts arise the best thing to do is ‘just show up.’ When you really don’t feel like going to class, go! This is when we most need to go. Roll out your mat and stand on it, even if you just stand in tadasana.

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Recently I have been reflecting upon my own personal yoga practice, my journey as a yoga teacher and how both have changed and continue to change. I remember a 30 day challenge I did a few years ago when I was going through a rough patch in my life. I will never forget the first week, the overflow of tears and emotions especially in Ustrasana. That cathartic posture we all love!

The constant battle with the heat, the mirror and not to mention with myself. I didn’t breath, I just struggled. I would punish myself if I felt the need to stop, sit down or take a break. I didn’t ‘get’ compassion back then.

I just kept going. Even though there were days when I felt so weak, without strength. Somedays I was full of energy, ready to charge through the class. No matter what everyday I was there, in the hot room. I ‘just showed up.’

Everything that happens in that Hot room is merely a reflection of life itself.  Just by showing up you are already half way there and once your there the rest just happens.

A big part of yoga is just showing up, whether it be on your mat, in your thought patterns or in your breath. When we learn to just show up we are creating space for compassion and love, especially to ourselves.  Even when we are weak, broken hearted, joyful, in pain or whatever we may be feeling, by showing up we are giving. Giving to ourselves. To the divine. Showing that we mean business and that we are not giving up. We are actually carrying on.

Yoga is not just about the physical – asana. It is so much more, it is doing the work. Sometimes that may just mean making the effort to stand on your mat in tadasana and take 5 long breathes, if that is all you can give you today you are still showing you mean business.

Often I think I need to do more, more to get this, more to change that, be more spiritual, get my foot up higher over my head!  It is me and only me who expects all this, no-one else.  If I would just let go of the pressure I am putting on myself, have faith and just be in the moment, present.

By showing up we are setting intentions and eventually those intentions create realities.  When I stop thinking and start feeling. Things change. My breath empowers me, and I realise I am enough, by just being me I am enough.

When we show up to practice, whatever it may be.  We feel better. We feel good. We change. Today we are different. We are not the same as yesterday.

Yoga teaches me everyday how to be present. It constantly teaches me how to let go. To accept. To believe. To trust. To have faith. No matter what has happened in our lives we can transform anything with love, compassion, empathy, grace and by just showing up!

“Eighty percent of success in life is just showing up.”  Woody Allen 

Zefea Samson

Zefea had her first experience with yoga at the age of 4 when her parents practiced with renowned teacher Angela Farmer in the Iyengar tradition. She forgot about yoga during her teens and twenties and trained for boxing and the combat system Krav Maga. Zefea rediscovered the benefits of yoga when she started practicing Bikram Yoga in her home town Amsterdam. From 2006-2008 she represented the Netherlands as the Dutch gold medalist in the International Yoga Championships, finishing in the world's top 10. Zefea experienced new depths of yoga through practicing while pregnant (up till the day of giving birth).