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November giveaway: win a Yoga Towel from Areté Complete

November giveaway: win a Yoga Towel from Areté Complete

We at Evolation Yoga will bring a new yoga giveaway to our blog readers and Facebook fans every month. Keep coming back to see what neat things you can win.

final update on the Yoga Towel from Areté Complete giveaway

Angela L is the lucky winner this month.

your chance for a Yoga Towel from Areté Complete

The competition will run from November 1st to 30th and one winner will be selected at random. The winner will receive a royal red yoga Towel from Areté Complete. There are many ways to enter and you can enter our giveaway daily. Entries limited to US and Canada. Enter using the form below:

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We specialize in performance towels. So what exactly is a performance towel? Think of a performance towel as a super towel. It does everything cotton does but better. Its a special composite of fibers combined to out “perform” ordinary cotton. Areté performs on a higher level on a few key functions. Our towels are highly absorbent, soft yet durable and light weight.

  • Areté absorbs up to eight times its weight in water
  • We have found a way to create a sturdy yet soft material
  • The perfect alternative to flimsy, rough or course microfibers
  • What we’ve made is a yoga towel that is a pleasure to use on your skin
  • Some say our material feels like cashmere

The weight of our towels are totally convenient. Areté towels weigh in under one pound. We made them lighter, so when your heading out, you just throw the towel in the bag and off you go.

We like to say our towels are for all recreational activity. They totally come in handy when on the tennis court, cycling in the studio, beach days, camping, and yoga. The list goes on and on, Areté towels are perfect for just about any indoor and outdoor adventure!


We use the most current printing technology in the creation of our towels. Our special laser printing method takes our designs from the Areté lab and infuses them directly into our performance towels. Our unique process brings color and texture to the next level. We take pride in creating texture and color combos that will pop and elevate your recreational activities. We are environmentally conscience with paper packaging and eco friendly inks.

Areté yoga towel

Creator Paul Moston was practicing yoga after spending many days in the studio preparing for a new art exhibit. He noticed that many of the towels and mats didn’t have a nice aesthetic. Paul explains “at the time I was interested in printing my mixed media designs onto fabric. Most of the towels and mats had your played out lime greens and concepts that related to much to our idea of the east. I felt there was a need for something different while maintaing a subtle beauty. I choose to go with the towel over the mat because the current technology doesn’t allow me to print onto high quality mats. Most all printed mats are on PVC which is terrible for the environment and awful quality. I was able to develop the highest of quality with Areté performance towels.

I found that many of the towels were either to light and flimsy or way to rough and corse on my feet when going deeper into poses. We set out to make a highly absorbent and most importantly slip resistant towel.. All you do is place the towel on top of the yoga mat. You can tuck the edges of the towel under that mat to completely secure the towel to the mat. Its a simple as that. You can enjoy our added layer of comfort plus the unique aesthetic through out your session. I love how our towels aren’t limited to just the studio as well. Areté can be used for all indoor and outdoor adventures!”


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