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photo blog: evolation opens in atlanta

photo blog: evolation opens in atlanta

After many months of hard work, evolation yoga atlanta opened to the public on December 16 2013. These photos give some insight into the effort that brought this beautiful studio to life.

To find out more about what’s available in Atlanta please visit evolationyogatlanta.com.

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groundbreaking: september 2013

evolation yoga atlanta opening evolation yoga atlanta opening 4








building work and certification: october 2013

evolation yoga atlanta opening 51 evolation yoga atlanta opening 8








the finishing touches: november 2013

atlanta yoga teacher training 2 evolation yoga atlanta opening 1








studio opens: december 2013

atlanta yoga teacher training 3 evolation yoga atlanta opening 7









Mark Drost

Mark was born and raised by two incredible parents, one powerful sister and 5 unique brothers in Hamburg and Buffalo, New York. Though it is beyond his comprehension to communicate the full scope of Love in the I AM PRESENCE he has spent much of his life sharing his experience with others. Mark, the founder of evolation yoga and One World Still, has been studying the history and philosophy of yoga and meditation for his entire adult life. Mark's personal meditation practice of more than 30 years has fully informed his work with his current non-profit project. He currently resides at the Oasis in Santa Barbara, California with his amazing wife Zefea and two spirit children Indira and Ravi.

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