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There are many to complete your yoga teacher training with evolation. Trainings take place throughout the year, with hot yoga teacher training and flow yoga teacher training 250hr (RYT – Yoga Alliance) certfications; and 500hr hot yoga (RYT – Yoga Aliance) certifications with TheHotTT.

Qualified teachers can join us for our beyond 26+2 next step certification or the even more in depth secondary yoga teacher training course. There are also special dates throughout the year for meditation and kids’ yoga teaching courses. You can choose the program that works for you.

Whether you want to teach, open an evolation studio and explore the business side of yoga, or gain a deeper experience teaching meditation. You can attend a four week immersion course at one of our many locations, or take a more flexible option so that our yoga teacher training works for your schedule.

flexible teacher training programs

Evolation yoga has two new training options for students seeking yoga teacher certification: Modular and Extended. These options, based on evolation’s primary teacher training curriculum, offer an alternative to traditional training regimens where students are required to remove themselves from their daily lives for 30 or more days to attend training. Students now have the option to successfully complete teacher training in four – one week modules or via flexible weekend and week night sessions spanning a 6 month period.

As evolation continues on our collective journey we look to serve as many aspiring yoga teachers as possible. With our module and extended teacher training approach we are able to reach a group of aspiring yogis whose life circumstances make attending a traditional training program impossible. We developed these programs to provide another access point to the rapidly growing community of prospective yoga teachers.

extended option

Training is typically delivered in an intensive 4-week deep immersion program. For all its value this approach may present an obstacle for prospective teachers. Life circumstance and commitments often preclude a student from pursuing the path of the teacher. We understand this and have developed an Extended Teacher Training program to broaden the opportunity to teach to all who are called to do so.
You may now start your evolation teacher training process any time that works for you. You will be able to complete the course from 6 months.

The syllabus is designed to accommodate your individual needs by utilizing periodic workshops, study groups, lectures, reading assignments and remote interaction. By maintaining a regular practice and participating in at least one of our immersion trainings on a part-time basis you will be able to become a certified evolation yoga teacher on a schedule that suits you.

modular option

Along with full immersion and extended options we offer training delivered in discreet one week modules for both Hot and Flow programs. The training, modeled on our full immersion curriculum, is divided into four segments or modules. Each module can be taken separately in different places and at different times that suit your schedule. We currently have the modules option scheduled across five continents in 2015.


Our trainings are offered in small and intimate groups. Places are limited – so apply today to avoid disappointment.

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