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Evolation Yoga Helsinki

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evolation yoga Helsinki



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Yoga is an act of healing the human body with energy of asanas and correct stimulation. Both the personal changes yoga makes within the body and the realization yoga gives about the world around us. Yoga helps people understand their mind better and heals their bodies with asanas; sweating out the toxins and tension and training the will power in order to finish the class with the sensation of serenity.

To accommodate every person who walks through the doors, the brand new evolation studio in Finland offers a Hot Yoga classes (with the 26 postures from the Primary Hot Series), 60 minute Vinyasa Flow classes with mellow and cool music, Gentle yoga classes, and Mommy and baby yoga.

We believe that yoga practice is about much more than what we do on our mat each day, it is about how we take that practice out into our daily lives and into our community. Community is a really important part of what we do here at evolation Yoga Helsinki, so feel free to come early before the class, enjoy a cup of tea and chat with us and other yogis.

Other than yoga, evolation Yoga Helsinki is a conscious studio that cares about the environment. In this studio everything is recycled, reused and repurposed in order to have the least affect on the environment. Including most of the furniture, as even it is made from recycled materials.

Our studio is located in Espoo. We are right in front of Prisma Olari. You can find free parking, and downtown buses from Helsinki come every 5 minutes.

More about evolation yoga Helsinki can be found at evolationyoga.fi


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hot yoga teacher training