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140 Adams Lane Suite 300

Pikeville, KY 41501

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Evolation Yoga Kentucky dedicates a space for you to be with yourSelf. They deeply believe that yoga is there to help everyone and they are building a community from the ground up to show what wonders can be pulled from the nurturing benefits of yoga. An environment where everyone can begin on their journeys, discover their full potential, and support others’ growth. When the community comes together, important tools can be shared to make everyone happier and healthier.

In the yoga room, Evolation Yoga Kentucky offers many diverse classes like Hot 90, Hot 60, Flow 75, Gentle Flow, Rainbow Kids, Still 30 and Partner Synergy Yoga.

As a yoga teacher who has traveled around the world to find the stillness and connection that this amazing practice offers, Cindy has longed to share yoga with her hometown in hopes of creating our own loving yoga family, in the place she treasures the most. Join her in calming your mind and stretching your body in a serene and peaceful studio. The state of the art studio has recently been opened in May of 2015.

Expanding outward, Evolation Yoga Kentucky offers community giving classes, work trades, and community projects to bring the practice of wholesomeness from the mat to the world.

More about evolation yoga Kentucky can be found at evolationyogaky.com


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