support system

continual support

The evolation graduate support system has been developed in order for you to have continual support in a nurturing environment as you continue on your yoga journey after having completed your evolation Yoga Teacher Training.

As you are may already be aware – you are always welcome to come back to any teacher training for which you have already graduated. If, for example, you hold a hot yoga certification from evolation you can join us at one of our hot trainings anywhere in the world, without paying for anything except your food an accommodation.


You will have a main point of contact, Lou Stokes, for all your questions following your graduation. Whether you would like advice on how to get mock classes at your local studio – and how to perform at your best if you are offered one; how to go deeper into your own practice; or help solving problems that come up in your continued yoga journey.

Lou’s role in the evolation support system is to nuture, to guide and assist you on your yoga journey, providing support and constant connection between the senior evolation teachers and our graduates. She will also support every teacher working in an evolation collective studio, allowing us to grow together as a collective.

Lou completed her evolation yoga training in 2011, which then led her to the otherside of the world, to teach in australia. Lou has taught, studied and lived in various parts of the world, she now teaches hot and flow classes in madrid, where she currently resides.


You will also receive regular newsletter emails with tips and advice to help you along your yoga path, access to the private evolation yoga Facebook group and special graduate prices for all evolation yoga continued education teacher trainings.

email lou: lou@evolationyoga.com