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Italy // June 19 – July 15, 2017

Complete your four week hot or flow yoga teacher training while traveling across Italy. This amazing once in a lifetime experience allows you to combine a scenic exploration of the beautiful and historic country of Italy while putting in quality hours towards becoming a Yoga Alliance Registered yoga teacher.

Immerse yourself in a 4 week yoga experience that will change your life.

(Limited to 16 participants – apply today)

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traveling yoga teacher training Italy

Evolation yoga is hosting our first ever teacher training that will tour through 6 communities in Italy while completing a 250-hr hot yoga or flow yoga training program. This 4-week trip is for the adventurous Yogi who possesses a strong openness to accept what comes with no attachment to the outcome. We will tour historical sights, overnight in hotels and private homes while stopping at studios along the way to practice. This one-of-a-kind training experience is designed for students with a strong practice only. Limited to 16 participants.

Evolation’s traveling yoga teacher training Italy is a comprehensive and intensive program that will give you all of the tools necessary to begin confidently teaching a full yoga class. Whether you get certified in the primary hot or the primary flow training, you will be more than prepared to start your journey as a yoga teacher. Evolation trainings are kept small to give each and every trainee the time they deserve to let them learn as fast as possible. Evolation yoga teacher trainings go the extra mile by spending ample amounts of time on teaching clinics, posture mechanics, the philosophies of yoga, and your own personal growth. Before you leave an Evolation training, you will not only have gone over every posture in intense detail, but you will also have taught full classes to genuinely ready yourself for a life of teaching.

We meet every trainee where they currently are on their path and then guide them forward and inward. Our training is a life training designed to prepare the student for a more connected and aware life of contribution, Self growth and fulfillment. The curriculum and ultimately the classes you teach are a great set of tools for your own Self awakening. We do everything we can to support that goal including mentoring you long after your immersion training is complete.

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Italy has been on the forefront of western culture since the dawn of the Roman empire. For over 2,000 years its inhabitants have redefined art, architecture, theater, music, fashion, and even sports. Being a main player in the Renaissance, and helping to usher in the European Age of Discovery, and currently having the greatest number of World Heritage Sites on the planet, top performers in all fields have flocked to Italy to be a part of its legacy.

From the top of the snow covered Alps to the sunny beaches in the south, Italy’s diverse land offers a climate everyone can enjoy. Situated right in the center of the calm Mediterranean, summers are warm and inviting, and the beaches come alive with activity. Moving inland, rolling green hills are broken up only by the occasional small, rustic town. Each town, though somewhat reminiscent of the previous, has its own unique atmosphere that sets it apart from its neighbors. No matter which picturesque town you are lucky enough to stroll through, all are sweet, homey and cultivate experiences to make you want to stay forever.

Dotted throughout the Eastern World, and firmly planted in every corner of the Western World, people are still attempting to recreate the allure of Italy’s superb cuisine. Starting with fine wines and mouthwatering appetizers, leading you to the savory main courses and decadent desserts, Italian cuisine has a way of subtly making you crave more and more.

Your experience at the traveling yoga teacher training Italy will be the perfect way to witness Italy in all forms. We will travel the countryside of Italy, showing you all the beauty this country has to offer while detailing events and locations that have made Italy what it is today. All the while we will be accompanied by two outstanding Italian chefs to fully offer you a taste of Italian culture.

Remarkable history, beautiful sights, and exquisite food make this Italian training an experience one that can’t be missed.

travel dates

Traveling to and from the traveling yoga teacher training Italy should be done on Sunday June 18 and Sunday July 16. We will start and end our Journey in Rome, so please arrange travel accordingly. The training starts early on Monday June 19, so try not to arrive late to Rome the night before.

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The cost of Evolation’s 250 hour traveling yoga teacher training Italy is €6,950. This cost covers all meals, lodging, transportation throughout the country, and the training fee. From the 19th of June to the 15th of July, you will live yoga in all forms and travel all across Italy without a care in the world. Immerse yourself in a 4 week yoga odyssey in Italy.

Meals will be sumptuous, healthy and prepared by Italian chefs that will be traveling with us from day one. We take food allergies seriously, and will accommodate each and every person’s wants/needs for every meal. There will be filling vegetarian options for every meal and a portion of the meals will be entirely vegetarian.

If there are spaces remaining, a deposit of €3,000 secures your place on this training and once you send in your deposit you will receive the teacher training manual so you can begin preparing for the course. The deposit is non-refundable but if there is any need to change your plans, it can simply be used for a different training location or date.

Your teacher training journey with us begins the moment you commit to this path. We know that the cost of a yoga teacher training can be intimidating, so we try and ease the process as much as we can. Call or email Mark (mark@evolationyoga.com) to work out a monthly plan that works for you.

what’s included

Evolation yoga provides life long support to all our teacher training graduates. Besides the four week immersion experience you receive our teacher training manual, unlimited free classes at evolation owned studios, the chance to come to any future teacher training (at the same level) at no extra cost and a discounted price for our Beyond 26+2 Next Step qualification.

You simply need to purchase the required texts and bring your own mat, towels and water bottle to the training.

We know teacher training is a serious commitment of time and resources so we try to help make the costs as manageable as possible. We accept a single payment, four installments and sometimes even smaller payments spread out over a longer period.

Our trainings are offered in small and intimate groups for you maximum benefit and success as a teacher. Places are limited – so apply today to avoid disappointment.

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