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June #evogiveaway: win a yoga towel from Namastay Towel

June #evogiveaway: win a yoga towel from Namastay Towel

For our June giveaway, we are teaming up with NamaSTAY Towel to offer readers a chance to win a yoga towel from NamaSTAY Towel. Be sure and check our blog and Facebook page every month to stay on top of our following giveaways.


We have a winner. Josie F from Canada is the lucky contestant who gets to choose a yoga towel from NamaSTAY Towel. Congrats Josie.

Josie won a yoga towel from Namastay Towel

Your chance for a yoga towel from NamaSTAY Towel

The competition will run from June 1st to 30st and one winner will be selected at random. The winner will get to choose any size and color yoga towel from NamaSTAY Towel they want. Enter using the form below (can have multiple entries):

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About NamaSTAY Yoga Towels

NamaSTAY Yoga Towels were created in Cleveland, Ohio by Cherie Greenwald. Cherie is a career product developer and an avid yogi who regularly practices Power Vinyasa Yoga, which is performed in a room heated to 90 degrees, making yoga towels a necessity. Since practicing hot yoga has given her so much, she wanted to contribute something comforting and safe to yogis everywhere. She came up with the idea of NamaSTAY Yoga Towels after witnessing yogis getting distracted by their yoga towels and continuously straightening them, as their yoga towels would get “bunched up” on their yoga mats. After much research and development, Cherie is excited to offer you an innovative yoga towel that has sleeves to hug yoga mats, so it always stays flat. This patented product is made of light-weight, 100% recyclable microfiber fabric that attaches to yoga mats and always stays in place, providing a safe and luxurious surface for practicing yoga.

win a yoga towel from Namastay Towel

As soon as the product launched, the yoga towel started receiving positive reviews from yoga practitioners and studios all over. These towels are not only limited to those practicing hot yoga but for anyone who needs more traction when practicing yoga, or someone who needs extra slip protection in their daily practice.

With homelessness being such an important issue that has impacted the lives of individuals all around us, NamaSTAY Yoga Towels goes out of its way to support the Coalition for the Homeless. A portion of all proceeds from NamaSTAY Yoga Towels benefit this worthwhile organization. Additionally, NamaSTAY Yoga Towels have been featured in VIP gift baskets to benefit Russell Simmons’ Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation and were honored by having their products included as gifts for the stars during the Primetime Emmy Awards.

Head to their site to read any reviews of a yoga towel from NamaSTAY Towel or have any questions answered by their FAQ.


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