ashtanga yoga class

structured setting

hot yoga classExperience traditional ashtanga sequences mixed with challenging arm balances, inversions, and deep backbends. A weekly led class reinforces what you practice in our Mysore class in a more structured setting. Just like our hot, warm, and flow classes an instructor leads this class through specific verbal instruction. All levels are welcome to join as the teacher sets the pace and the group moves together.

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hot yoga class bikram

body alignment and conscious breathing

Most flow or vinyasa classes include poses derived from traditional ashtanga sequences, so if you’ve taken a flow class you will be very familiar with many of the poses. Good for beginners, this level 1 ashtanga class will take you through vinyasa techniques combining traditional sequences and athletic movements that correlate with the breath.

Proper body alignment and conscious breathing is the true focus of ashtanga. Even though it’s not practiced in a heated room, you will raise your internal energy and generate plenty of heat to help you relax in a much needed final savasana. Open your heart and your mind – this class is an adventure worth exploring!