gentle yoga class

ease into your day with a slower-paced gentle class.

hot yoga classNeed a little extra tender loving care? This gentle practice is for you. Designed to remove any fears or challenges in doing yoga poses, this class is ideal for beginners, seniors or those recovering from illness or injury – all levels and ages are welcome.

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hot yoga class bikram

feel your body open up

Begin your day without stress or strain and feel your body gradually open up during the restorative postures. Increase mobility and relieve stress as you practice being mindful of your movements in a fun and loving way. Watch your confidence grow as your breathing and overall health improves.

Teachers create a comfortable environment so you can experience the benefits of a relaxing more nurturing practice. Students will notice less tension in their body, less muscle pain, reduced levels of anxiety, and improved circulation as a result of a regular gentle practice. Our gentle class provides a compassionate, non-competitive environment that fosters Self-love and improved health.