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natural boundless energy

hot yoga classBring out the inner child in your kid as they learn how fun yoga can be! A great learning experience, this class introduces them to all aspects of a healthy, age-appropriate yoga practice. It’s no secret kids learn best when they are having fun, which is why we bring our classes to life with music, dancing and fun yoga games. Parents love this class because it allows kids to release their natural boundless energy while also teaching them how to relax as we make sure to end every class with some down time or fun breathing exercises.

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a magical journey

Kids ages 4-12 are welcome to join – older kids serve as mentors and are allowed to try more advanced poses as they show the teacher they are ready. Big and small kids alike will enjoy the class as it’s designed to foster their creative energy.
Classes turn into magical journeys where they have the opportunity to create their own poses and rename old poses. Playful poses promote Self-exploration and increase their body awareness in a noncompetitive nurturing environment.