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hot yoga classMysore style is the most traditional way to learn ashtanga yoga and it is ideal for beginners. Every student practices the poses in a specific order, but according to their individual capacity, so new students may only work on a few postures while experienced students will work on more advanced postures. As you gain strength, flexibility, endurance, and focus, additional postures will be added. Beginners tend to have a shorter practice than experienced students. The goal is to slowly add new postures at your own pace as you develop your Mysore practice.

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Flexible in nature, students can arrive any time from 9:30am to 10:00am and complete the ashtanga series at their own pace. Instructors offer one-on-one attention, guidance, and hands-on assistance by giving students physical adjustments and verbal instruction. This class allows you explore your own unique practice within the safety and freedom of a private lesson, but with the support and motivation of the group’s energy. Explore the postures as an individual while listening to the dominant sound of collective breath.