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hot yoga classChill out after class during a 30-minute seated meditation. Immediately following each warm 60 class, this self-guided mediation session gives you some peaceful time with your Self to foster internal focus and stillness. There is no extra charge for this class; simply stay after and be Still. Many students explore meditation for the first time in this space and we encourage every student to try it even if only for a few moments.

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Everyone is welcome, even if you didn’t just take a warm 60 class feel free to drop in and join the surrender sanctuary. Most of us have limited quiet space and very busy lives, so this room was built to serve as a place for you to overcome life’s distractions and revitalize your mind-body connection. Your mind, body and loved ones will thank you. A regular meditation practice can reduce stress, increase concentration, improve mental health and create lasting feelings of tranquility. Self-guided meditation is the foundation for developing a consistent meditation practice. Join a Still session and learn how to be happier, healthier and connect to the world around you.