life choices

When you are in training, you never know what is going to be next with your body, and especially with your mind. We are all in a non stop scenic railway waiting to know if we are going up or down or even fly out and crash!!

Yesterday I was feeling so tired that I almost felt asleep during the second practise of the day, but today I was completely renewed and full of energy. We feel like we don´t have the control at all and that we just can accept what it comes or what we are every moment. That means to be present and it´s fine, however I want to share something with you guys….


Today while we were in standing bow pose in Eric´s class, he said ” you can choose the intensity you bring to your body, and to your life” ….that was a sentence full of wisdom for our lifes and our practice and it made me feel really good and connected in the posture…. I think it was the most brave and humble standing bow I had ever done in my life!


I would like to translate this towards the training itself. It made me think that all of us, whether if you had a hard day, or an easy one….we chose that. We choose how to face the training, every second of it, we choose how hard we are going to work here, and how much surrender we are going to allow us as well.

We have the opportunity here to live the training we want to live, to become the teacher we want to be, and to share with others the best of us. We have the choices. We are the creators of our lifes.
I wish to all of you a beautiful teacher training day tomorrow.


Mari Ruiz found yoga and meditation in 2000, at the time she was professionally working as a ballet dancer and a film and theatre actress. While first being attracted to the more physical benefits of this practice, she rapidly developed a profound immersion in yoga philosophy. She focused on the more concrete practice of Bikram's hot yoga in 2005. After years of practice, she's a certified evolation teacher. Maria defines the process of becoming a yoga teacher as a personal breakthrough in her life. She participates in evolation teacher training activities worldwide, and teaches in USA, Spain, and London.