The Secret to Getting Energy

“I’m so tired.”

Admit it; you’ve said this more than a few times today. There are just times when we feel that we are not energized enough to finish anything. You’ve done the basics – drank coffee or a large energy drink, spent a few moments on your phone, or even washed your face with cold water. However, these things probably didn’t help as much as you needed. And it doesn’t help to know that you must still finish that task immediately.

You always seem to feel weak and exhausted though you are not doing anything. This instantly becomes a big dilemma for the lack of energy we experience may be the cause of failing to do our tasks. Every day, we need energy to keep us going for the whole day. Inability to have sufficient energy may sacrifice the quality of work that we make. And we don’t like that, now do we?


With five tips listed below, we will be sure to have energy that lasts all day long.

Energize yourself and never skip meals.

As the saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, never skip breakfast or any meal for that matter. One’s mood improves when he or she eats a proper meal. This gives the person more energy that lasts the whole day. Sufficient and healthy food supplies your body with a jolt of fuel, giving you enough energy to tackle the day ahead of you.

Also pay attention to what you eat. A large and heavy meal is more likely to bring you down and make you drowsy than it is to perk you up and give you energy. Try to eat more nutrient rich food like whole, balanced meals with lots of raw ingredients. Make sure to eat small, healthy meals throughout the day. Doing so boosts your metabolism and doesn’t have any major blood sugar crashes from waiting to long in between meals.


Quench your thirst; Drink right.

At times, we may not know if we are really hungry or just thirsty. You may not know, but being thirsty may make you feel fatigued. Dehydration can make the body feel weary and tired. The solution to that is to drink a glass of refreshing water. This is essential to boost energy after exercising.

take a restful break.

Isn’t it that when we study too much we feel weak after? That is because information overload can decrease energy. Pushing our brains super hard also has the same results. The solution is simple – take a power nap. It only lasts for an hour. It does not only reverse the mind-numbing effects, but also retains the information in our minds.

Have a healthy lifestyle.

Make it a habit to exercise every day. It doesn’t need to be the most intense workout, a simple brisk walk or rejuvenating yoga class will do. It increases one’s energy to do physical activity. It may seem ineffective because one is already tired yet he or she still needs to move around. However, experts say walking or getting out a little each day improves energy. The American Osteopathic Association has a vast list of reasons why yoga is good for people. Besides, a nice walk or home yoga practice is so easy to do. No equipment or training needed and can walk or practice yoga anywhere.

Take quality supplements.

Supplements are recommended for better body performance. Alpha Lipoic Acid supplements are one of the natural supplements that help produce energy. This type of supplement makes you have a healthier skin and liver. But keep in mind that you must look for supplements that are all-natural and safe.

Ashley Sotelo


Ashley Sotelo is a pro-active health enthusiast; she does research for various leading health companies--focusing mainly on the different alternative treatments available for chronic illnesses. Writing health articles has grown to become her passion, becoming the author of roughly a hundred of such articles and currently writing at BRI Nutrition whose sole purpose is to provide natural and safe supplements. When she is not writing or engaging in her regular fitness routine, she could be found curled up in a nook and reading her favorite books.