transformation after yoga training

The Evolation Yoga Teacher Training was life changing, transformational and inspiring. There was not one person who didn’t go through a metamorphosis and come out a better person a the end. We were bonded, a tight group of people supporting each other and pushing each other to do our best. We went from being overwhelmed at the prospect of teaching just one posture to the class, to seamlessly teaching a full 60 minute class! Who would have thought that possible? Well, I have to admit I was certainly skeptical at the beginning, but decided early on to just trust the process!

the yoga transformation

Our graduation was heart warming. We all got amazing tangerine coloured t-shirts from Ken at Hudson Yoga which reads “Parinama” on the front, which in Sanskrit means “transformation” and Teacher Training 2014 on the back. We can wear these with pride and inspiration! We had a beautiful dinner and an incredible ritual which I won’t spoil for future graduates, but let me just tell you… it was full of love.

So now what? Well, I was lucky enough to get to practice my skills on the intermediate and senior girls at the local figure skating club which my daughter is a member of. They hired me for four 45 min sessions in July for the girls summer sessions. Yesterday was my first two and they went really well! I didn’t teach the full 26 and 2 but rather a mixture of Bikram postures mixed in with some flow. It was a success.


This week I will give it my best at Hudson in hopes of landing a part time, on call position on their team. Ken and his senior instructors will attend each class of the five graduates and decide based on our aptitude for teaching whether we are a good fit for the team! (no pressure!! Positive vibes graciously accepted!!) The other students have returned to their homes and studios; many with the opportunity to teach and from what I have heard so far, all is going well.

This is just the beginning and I am honored to be part of the Evolation family! A big thank you to Mark, Zefea, and the kids; Torrey, Maria, Malcolm, Toddy and all of my extended family of students and those at Hudson Yoga.

Dee Guns


Dee is a Mom, hairstylist, blogger (, jewelry creator and crystal collector. She experimented with various yoga styles until falling in love with hot yoga about 3 years ago. She has always wanted to become a yoga teacher, and the Evolation course in her hometown of Victoria, BC, was the perfect opportunity to do so. She is putting all her other passions on hold for the duration of the course and loving what she is learning, of the physical and mental aspects of yoga. Dee is also planning to take her level one and two Reiki, and work with crystals for healing. She has an affinity for Angels, crystals, Mother Earth and all her creatures. Her mission is to help people raise their vibration through self awareness and higher consciousness, tapping in to their innate healing capabilities; helping them to heal themselves and also the Earth.