5 Signs You're Ready for a Yoga Teacher Training

If you’re reading this blog, I would guess that you’re interested in becoming a certified yoga teacher. Maybe you’re extremely passionate about your practice, but feeling hesitant to apply for a Yoga Teacher Training. You might be asking yourself, “Am I really qualified for this? Can I do this? Is my practice strong enough?”.

These questions are completely normal. Doubt is common. Rather than resisting the doubt, it can often be easier to accept it. One philosophy we like to live by is this:

If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives. -Lemony Snicket

Here are a few signs you should take the plunge and apply for your YTT.


 1. You share your practice with others.

You may as well be an ambassador for your local studio, with all the friends and family you bring in. When a loved one complains to you about stress, stiffness, or sore joints, you know exactly what to do... Drag them to yoga! Or at the very least, preach the benefits. You genuinely want to help those around you.


2. Yoga has improved your life or made you a better person.

Your practice creates balance in your life, and you can feel it when you don’t practice for a while. Maybe yoga makes you feel more connected and more at peace with yourself, and the world around you. You recognize how it enhances your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.


3. You want more.

Maybe classes seem to be going by quicker than when you began practicing. Sometimes a class doesn’t quite feel like enough. You’ve started to search out ways to deepen your practice, whether it be from yoga and philosophy books, workshops, or personal research. And you love it!


4. You’re prepared to grow.

A Yoga Teacher Training is one of the most transformative experiences you can go through. With hours of daily practice, meditation and learning, you’re definitely going to go through some changes, externally and internally. And that’s something that you’re open to.


5. Yoga goes beyond hobby or workout for you -- it’s a lifestyle.

Your practice means a lot to you. It’s not something you do, it’s something you are. I’ts a part of your character, and you’re glad for that.