How to Travel and Teach Yoga

Travelling the world and teaching yoga might sound like a far-fetched pipe-dream, but in reality it’s much more doable than you might initially think. To teach and practice in new cultures, connecting with like-minded people and experiencing the world is one of the most exciting and rewarding things you could choose to do, should you decide to put yourself out there. Here are some of our best tips on the topic. Best of luck on your yoga journey!

1) Networking websites

There’s lots of networking websites out there made specifically for yogis and studio owners. They aim to connect the two, creating opportunities for travel and teaching experiences. Sign up, check out what they have to offer, and start applying! This is one of the most common ways people find teaching jobs abroad. Make sure you clearly understand the terms of the position before committing -- accommodation, visa requirements, etc. 


2) Brand yourself

That being said, you’d better have a sharp resume and/or online presence! Organize all your teaching experience, trainings and specializations into a well-packaged resume. Consider the impact of quality photographs that capture you teaching or practicing. In this visual day and age, photographs really allow employers to get a sense of your energy and personality. 

As for social media, there are divided perspectives. On one hand, some see it as a superficial way to brand yourself and your classes. But there’s no denying that it’s one of the best ways to reach and grow an audience to get your name out there, share your philosophies and personal yoga style. The majority of yoga studios and retreat centers nowadays market themselves on Facebook and Instagram -- so you can create connections and network with them through your own channels! 

3) Teach at hostels, resorts and hotels


One major way that yoga teachers facilitate their travels is by teaching at resorts, hotels and hostels. Many of these places are happy to offer Sunday morning yoga classes to their guests, or classes throughout the week. Many yoga teachers will teach these classes in exchange for accommodation, but some places will offer payment as well (just make sure to be upfront about your expectations). Bring your resume in, send emails, make phone calls… get your foot in the door! 

4) Ask your resources for connections 

Make use of the community you’ve cultivated on your yoga path! Ask your studio owner, fellow yoga teachers, even regular students if they have any possible connections in your future destination (or anywhere you’re interested in travelling to). You never know who might have a useful connection and can put in a good word for you. 

5) Join the evolation family! 

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