Gary’s love of yoga started in the year 2000 when he discovered Bikram yoga. After practicing faithfully for 9 years, the benefits and love of the practice inspired Gary to become a teacher.

Gary attended the 2009 Bikram training in Palm springs CA and received his 500 hour certification. He went on to teach in Bikram studios in Sarasota and the Western Massachusetts area. He has been teaching fulltime since 2009. His teaching style features strong dialogue, and is motivational, compassionate with a touch of humor.

He moved to Tampa Fl. area in 2011 to become part of Evolation and has taught in all 3 Evolation studios in the Tampa Bay area. He is currently the Director of Teaching at the Tampa Evolation studio. Gary has been involved in Evolation Teacher Trainings in the Tampa studio and throughout the world since the beginning. He has taught in studios and worked on the teaching staff in Tampa, Buffalo N.Y., Atlanta, Pikeville Kentucky, Santa Barbara California, Milwaukee, and Bali Indonesia and Hawaii.

Gary’s major motivation is increasing his knowledge being surrounded by other senior teachers in the “yoga bubble” and further sharing that knowledge with his students. His goal is to make the teachers the best they can be.