40-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Malmö, Sweden

5 Day 40hr Yin Yoga Certification Training with Evolation Yoga


40-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training Program

Five days, 40-hour Yin Yoga immersion teacher training program in Malmö, Sweden includes daily teacher training lectures, classes, teaching practice, and study sessions taught by Evolation Yoga senior level instructors.

We welcome trainees from all schools and practices.

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*All experience levels are welcome from beginner and intermediate to advanced


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Hot Yoga House Studio for The Yin Teacher Training

Hot Yoga House is located in the middle of Malmö City, Sweden. Easy access by train and bus from Copenhagen Airport. Next door to cafe AVOKADO which provides discounted food options during the training. Hot Yoga House is a welcoming and open Yoga community.

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Transportation for The 40-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Sweden

This 40hr yin training program takes place at Hot Yoga House in Malmö, Sweden which is about 20 minutes drive away from Copenhagen Airport and just a few minutes from the train station Malmö Triangeln (with 4 trains available and running per hour directly from Copenhagen Airport to the station at Malmö Triangeln). Transportation to and from this training location is not provided, but there are very simple and affordable options available. Please let us know if you have any questions or need any help.

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Teacher Training Accommodations

Accommodations are not included with this training but there is a Youth Hostel across the street from the training location as well as several hotels nearby for accommodations. Please let us know if we can help to make specific recommendations for your lodging accommodations during this training.

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Yin Instructor for the Teacher Training in Malmo, Sweden


Juliette Snijders

Juliette started doing yoga 2009 and has since than explored different variations like ashtanga, hatha, bikram, vinyasa and Yin.

Juliette did her Bikram and Vinyasa Teacher training with Evolation Yoga in Santa Barbara and is a certified Yin Yoga Teacher trough Semperviva Yoga i Vancouver (Bernie Clark). Juliette is also a trained Feng Shui consultant and Raw Food chef.

Since 2016 Juliette has worked in 14 Teacher trainings with Evolation Yoga.

Juliettes special interest in Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda makes this training interesting for those who want to dive deeper into the mechanics behind the postures.

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Curriculum for the Sweden 40 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

This 5 day yin teacher training provides 40 hours of certified yoga teacher curriculum with daily yoga essentials lectures covering basic yin yoga history and philosophy along with meditation and breathing techniques for yin yoga; yin posture mechanics and corrections; yin yoga teaching best practices with live teaching time (and feedback) provided for each trainee; a look at the business side of yoga and more.

Teacher Training Curriculum

Yin Yoga History and Principles

  • Yoga is the modification of the mind stuff

  • From Taoist Yoga to Yin Yoga - History of Yin Yoga

  • Yin and Yang

  • Principles of Yin Yoga

Anatomy for Yin Yoga

  • The major joints in the body

  • Tendons, ligaments and fascia

  • Bone structures role for postures

Meridians and Energy for Yin Yoga

  • 12 major meridians

  • Organs

  • What is chi

  • Eastern and Western medicine - connecting the dots

  • Using meridian theory in Yin classes

The Art of Teaching Yin

  • Teaching clinics

  • How to address a group of students

  • How to use your voice, volume, tempo, and pacing

  • Correction of postures

  • Choosing the right words

  • Energy, passion, confidence, humor

  • Using props - bolster, blocks, straps, blankets, sand bags

  • Music in Yin Yoga

  • Using your own presence and Self-awareness as a transformative teaching tool

  • Sequencing

Meditation in Yin Yoga

  • What meditation is and why it’s practiced

  • Meditation techniques that can be used in classes

Asanas (Postures)

  • Daily classes

  • Posture mechanics

  • Knowledge of asanas

  • Alignment & how to avoid injuries

  • Modifications & adjustments

  • Medical benefits

  • How to read bodies

  • Balance between body, mind and breath

Pranayama (Breathing)

  • The use of breath as a transformative tool for Self-awareness

  • Different breathing techniques for Yin Yoga classes

The Business of Yoga

  • Teacher guidelines & etiquette

  • Appropriate conduct inside and outside the yoga room

  • How to apply for a teaching position

  • Teacher expectations

  • Student interaction

  • Role playing

  • Feedback

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Yoga Alliance Accredited Teacher Certifications

In co-operation with Evolation Yoga, this Yin Yoga Teacher Training will provide trainees with 40 hours of Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training (RYT 40) upon the successful completion of the 40-hour program.


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Yoga Teacher Training Experience with Evolation Yoga

"I just finished my Teachers training in Santa Barbara and I could not have had a better experience. The teachers are world class and the atmosphere in the studio warm. I got so much more out of the experience then I could have ever hoped for. Grateful."

Frida Bergh - Santa Barbara, CA Graduate


Tuition Costs and Payment Options

40-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Sweden Tuition Fee

Teacher Training
40 Hour Teacher Training Certification
6,450 SEK

*The Early Bird Discounted Rate is 5,650 SEK for this Sweden 40Hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training valid through March 31, 2019. Register and pay by March 31, 2019 to save 800 SEK.

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What is Yin Yoga?

In a fast-moving world, we need time and space to recuperate. Many people have found yoga to do so. Today many styles of yoga, Vinyasa, Bikram and Ashtanga are dynamic and muscular, working with internal heat and muscular engagement. Yin Yoga is the other half. The recuperative half of our yoga practice.

Yin Yoga targets the deeper tissues in the body

The connective tissues such as tendons, ligaments and joints. We hold postures in stillness for several minutes at a time to really sink into the yin tissues of our body. Energetically Yin Yoga works with the energy channels (meridians) in the body and secures the flow of energy. Yin Yoga is all about letting go, and accepting what is. Instead of working dynamically where we pull & stretch, we instead allow our body to relax in each pose. It can be challenging being still with ourselves in a pose for that long time. It allows us to explore breath and observe our thoughts during the postures. Adding Yin Yoga to our practice will give us a holistic yoga practice where all elements fall into place.

Spaces are limited for this 40-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Sweden, send us a message with booking requests now to discuss getting your spot reserved.


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Cancellation Policy

If cancelled more than 1 month before start date, 50% of the payment for this teacher training is refundable. Less than 1 month from the start date, payments are non-refundable but student may find someone else to take their place or else transfer their monies over to use towards another training at Hot Yoga House in Sweden. Please contact us with any questions regarding the cancellation policy for this training with Sweden Hot Yoga House.

Extracurricular Activities (optional)

During your free time while you attend your yoga teacher training, we encourage you to study, practice and reflect upon your experience as much as possible but you are of course welcome to partake in extracurricular activities should you wish to do so. Simply let us know and we can and will help to provide you with tips, suggestions, recommendations and resources for local activities near to your training location.