a patient of patience


Allow me to set the scene. I am sitting in my living room listening to piano collections, the song playing is titled: Balamb Garden by the amazing Moises Nieto. I am writing with my hand using a pen on a pad of paper, but my computer is not far from me. It’s more pleasing for me to write this way. My thoughts flow more fluidly as does the pen in my hand. Although, at times my hand has a hard time keeping up with my thoughts.

I think to a few times in my past where I had the opportunity to actively practice patience. I recall some moments where I considered myself patient, it was much more about how well composed I was while containing the waves of frustration going up and down inside of me, than actually being a patient of patience itself.


Patience is not something we are born with. It is to be worked for. We have to show up and be active in it, engage it, work with it; dance with it. Patience feels different though. We live in a world where we are in motion constantly – if not physically then mentally. Using this high energy to achieve our dreams and come to a place where we feel success has been reached, this practice of patience can almost feel lazy. I assure you it is not, but rather it is the ability to slow down and take a moment to see clearly and experience truth. It’s hard to do so when moving at full speed all the time.

Patience is knowing that when things go differently than what we had planned or hoped for; there is logic in the crazy. Maybe we can make something else work and for the better. Patience is knowing that there is a greater happiness beyond what we can see. It is knowing that our understanding can’t simply get it all, knowing that our thinking, our understanding is lacking and flawed. Patience is dying to our own desires, wants and ultimately our selfishness. Easing up off the reigns, knowing we don’t need to hold so tightly onto that which is not tangible.

“Patience is a relief, a breath of fresh air.”

Jeannie Savage


Jeannie has always been an energetic one that dabbled in many different activities, but took dance classes consistently for several years. She took her first hot yoga class in March of 2013. By the end of March 2014, Jeannie had completed a 250 hour hot yoga teacher training. She learned quickly the impact of this yoga, this practice, and thought of ways she could be more involved. By the end of 2014, she completed an additional yoga teacher training course earning her 500 hour hot yoga teacher training certificate. She is here to teach, to train, to learn and to experience.