first week of yoga teacher training

Day 5 – climbing mountains

Mystie Arnold

Today was another great day at evolation yoga teacher training. I am doing so much more than I thought I was capable of doing. I continue to surprise myself each day and have begun to see the growth in myself and in the other students, my new friends.

The bond we are creating together as a group is unique. Not only are we climbing mountains in our yoga practices and in our curriculum together, but today we literally climbed a mountain!


It was so hard. We were all tired but we climbed together and conquered yet another challenge. Not only was the hike itself hard, but we did it all silently.

I am so grateful for this incredible opportunity to look within myself at such a deep level while I’m here. There is so much to learn and I can’t believe that the first week is already over! Tomorrow is a new day!


Day 4 – Raw Food Feasts

Katie Lowsley-Williams

It’s the fourth day of teacher training here at evolation, and probably my most challenging day. With all the amazing #yoga we have been doing to learn and deepen our practice my emotions and feelings have been like a roller coaster up and down constantly, it’s been pretty exhausting!

However the whole experience of having to process and let go of some things I have struggled with couldn’t have been made more easy with the people around me on this course, I am truly grateful. The constant love and support during challenges like this from everyone makes me really understand and feel excited about beginning my yoga journey into teaching.


I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but I had no idea how much “letting go and surrendering” I need to do! Anyway I just wanted to share all these amazing people I have been so lucky to meet! Here some of them are eating a delicious raw food supper made by Jacquelina and Emily.

Day 4 – an international experience

Mystie Arnold

My experience so far with evolation yoga teacher training has been amazing. It far exceeds anything I could have imagined. The curriculum is rich and I’m learning so much. Each day is packed full of incredible information and experiences that are shaping me into the Yoga teacher I am working to become. Also, I am so grateful to be a part of such an amazing group of students.

We all come from various parts of the world and have quickly begun to bond with each other. I believe that I am making some life-long friends here. Another thing that I love about my training experience is the beautiful space I am living in during the time I am here.

I have so much to learn and I know with the guidance of Mark, Zefea and Torrey, I will go home well equipped to teach and grow into the yoga teacher I am meant to become. I can’t wait to see what today holds