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Wow, where has the time gone!? I can’t believe it’s already week three! This week we are going to step it up a bit learning two postures a day. We’re ready! As a practicing Buddhist, I find my morning chanting of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo has been helping me stay focused on all my tasks during the day. Our posture clinics with Zefea and Torrey have taught me so much more about the postures. I have improved my practice leaps and bounds while I have been here. I feel as young as Karina, who is one of our youngest participants in our training. All this yoga is taking light years off my age – I’m going back in time every week. I feel so strong and empowered, it’s an amazing feeling!


I have managed to even get a couple bike rides in around the area. Bike riding and yoga… what could be better? We have continued to study anatomy with Torrey. I never thought I could enjoy learning about the body, but it has been wonderful. I will be able to stand in front of my class with clarity and know what part of their bodies should be doing what during the postures. Our morning hot classes have been really great! Mark, who brings laughter and joy wherever he goes, taught part of the class behind a curtain like the great, powerful Oz. We all laughed really hard. You know this is FUN!


all in one

My friends and fellow trainees are always so supportive and loving. Vera, Karina, Janne, Kristel, Julia, Jessica, Madison and I head to the beach early in the morning to study our dialogue and put our feel in the waves. We’re a team, team yoga teachers!

I have been eating Andrea’s food and this week was vegan week. I can’t believe how great he even makes vegan food taste. I feel so healthy and strong. On Friday, we presented our postures but we had to sing them! It was delightful! So much fun! Friday evening, Vera presented camel and rabbit pose like a rap – it was so funny. I want to call this: the joy of learning. Another advanced class on Saturday with Zefea and Torrey. I am always challenged by this class, but afterwards you feel amazing. Saturday night, Andrea oreoared a real downhome barbeque- everyone loved it. Sitting outside by the pool with my extended family. Boy, am I going to miss everyone! Well, next week start teaching classes. I know we can do it – with al our hard work and support of each other how can we lose!? Well folks, signing off! Happy trails to you – I will keep you posted. Love Kathy

Kathy Pierandozzi


Kathy is originally from Southern California and moved to Montana in 1974 to attend the University of Montana in Missoula. She has lived in Montana since then because of her love the outdoors and the fact that Montana provides plenty of places for fun outdoor activities. From skiing to cycling, Kathy enjoys all things outdoors. Kathy even taught skiing at a local ski area Snowbowl for 25 years. Coupled with 30 years of substitute teaching in the Missoula County Public School system, Kathy learned that she loves being around people and teaching anything. With that kind of drive, there is no doubt she will love teaching yoga as well.