hot yoga teacher training (and sushi)


hot yoga teacher training day 4

Gosh, what a whirlwind!!! Presented Utkasana today in the hot yoga teacher training, aka Awkward pose. Wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t terrible either! Feedback was great, showing me where I served my students, in my ability to get them into and out of each phase of the posture in a safe way and reasonable amount of time, and also what I need to work on: memorization and repetition.

The 9:30am class with Ken, owner of Hudson Yoga Victoria – where the Canadian yoga teacher training is being held – was hot, hot, HOT!! Well, in my opinion anyhow! Got through it mindfully and felt amazing after! I’ve upped my water intake to about 4 litres a day, I think, which seems to be helping.

The 5:30 session was great because I learned something invaluable in posture mechanics! I learned what the Mula Bandha (connection to the pelvic floor) is and how to activate it during postures! It saved me during Trikanasana, Triangle pose, I couldn’t believe the difference it made, as I had been holding all my weight in my bent leg! Lifting up while reaching down for the first time properly, what an amazing adjustment!! I will now use this every day and finally understand how yogi’s hold postures like Triangle for so long without their quads collapsing! It’s the little adjustments that make the biggest differences!

We were also treated to some sushi by Ken, which was a very welcome surprise! Thank you Ken!! All around a great day!

hot yoga teacher training day 5

Friday! We are almost through our fist week, I can’t believe it! 15hrs of hot yoga under our belts, we presented Eagle Pose today, Garuasana. Everyone, without exception, was more comfortable today, glimmers of future teachers all around the classroom!

I notice that I am more mindful in class, I am more aware of the teacher’s own personal style, instead of just concentrating on getting through the class. Every teacher has something unique to offer and their personalities shine through… hmmm, how do we each access this quality for our own classes?

The group is definitely bonding, we are so much more comfortable with each other, and also I am noticing this amazing accountability going on. We want to pull each other up. It is just as important for our classmates to do well as it is for us on an individual level. No person left behind, we are one. It is an amazing feeling and I can’t imagine the group all going their separate ways after this, we feel like co-workers already. Dalia, we will miss you so much after you are finished your first two weeks and going off to Buffalo to finish, it will not be the same without you!

We are reaching inside ourselves, combining studying with connection to the class. We are learning to be mindful as we practice and also when we teach. The transformation is under way.

hot yoga teacher training day 6

As I write this I am totally exhausted, drained and in need of even more water… if that is possible after the approx 150oz I have already had today! Guess that is what approx 4 hours straight in the hot room will do to you! Yet, I feel peaceful and connected and in awe today. It’s day 6, which marks the end of our first week of teacher training.

We presented Standing Head to Knee today, Dandayamana Janusirasana and we all more or less nailed it; amazing what 6 solid days of studying yoga can do! Everyone was more comfortable, everyone was more informed, everyone more aware of their students. We all deserve a pat on the back and a “keep up the good work!”

Then came the 60min class followed by what I have to refer to as a completely torturous advanced class… It was kind of like having to participate in the Olympics rather than just cheer from the sidelines or watching it on TV. They make it look so ridiculously easy, you start out thinking “Ok, sure, I can do that…” only to come face to face with the harsh reality that your body… (well, my body), refused to even entertain the idea of moving that way. Like, not going to happen. Even when our lovely teachers came along to help, smiling encouragingly and showing us how easy it is… nope, body says forget it. Very frustrating and humbling!

But yet, yoga is not a spectator sport, and it is great to know that once I ace all the 26 postures (ha ha, if ever!!) I can move on to the real bendy stuff! I will keep practicing until then, as that is what yoga is… a practice.

Dee Guns


Dee is a Mom, hairstylist, blogger (, jewelry creator and crystal collector. She experimented with various yoga styles until falling in love with hot yoga about 3 years ago. She has always wanted to become a yoga teacher, and the Evolation course in her hometown of Victoria, BC, was the perfect opportunity to do so. She is putting all her other passions on hold for the duration of the course and loving what she is learning, of the physical and mental aspects of yoga. Dee is also planning to take her level one and two Reiki, and work with crystals for healing. She has an affinity for Angels, crystals, Mother Earth and all her creatures. Her mission is to help people raise their vibration through self awareness and higher consciousness, tapping in to their innate healing capabilities; helping them to heal themselves and also the Earth.