how the tangible act of throwing away negativity can free you


There is a secret to being happier. Actually, there are many, but this article will focus on the powerful art of letting go and a tool I’ve discovered to aid that process.

For context, I’m a devoted yoga student for nearly a decade and a yoga teacher for 4 years (certified with evolation yoga teacher training in March 2010). I’ve studied non-attachment in theory and in practice. It has helped me move through major life changes, loss, break-ups and beliefs.

If you’re reading this blog, you’re likely a yogi too. If you’re a yogi, you most definitely have experienced what letting go feels like. Whether it’s how a posture looks or feels in your body, or where you set up your mat in class, or if you need to honor your body by taking a child’s pose, letting go is largely about letting yourself off the hook of being any other way than how you are in any given moment. It’s radical, loving acceptance of the present moment exactly how it is. Yoga was my initiation into letting go and it quickly extended to all facets of my life off the mat.

However, sometimes I forget…! From a bad date, to indulgently satisfying my sweet tooth, to playing instead of working, I have a habit of beating myself up. I regret said action, mentally criticize myself, energetically scold my Being and feel shame.
Recently while sharing something I was holding onto that didn’t serve me (I can’t remember what it was but I’m sure it had to do with “still” being single), a friend said to me, “Sometimes you’ve just gotta put things in the f*ck it bucket”. I instantly visualized an actual bucket where I wrote my problems down on a piece of paper and threw it into the bucket. Just visualizing this process made me feel better.

So I tried it. I created an actual Fuk It Bucket, wrote down what was bothering me and tossed it in. The weight instantly lightened and I felt happier. It was incredible. It was fun too! It put the problem into perspective, made me smile and reminded me of the bigger picture: I am fortunate in so many ways.

Finding this exercise so powerful, I decided to give a few friends a Fuk It Bucket too. They each experienced the same feeling: of a weight lifting and happiness. It dawned on me why these Fuk It Buckets worked: when we choose to dwell or pout on something, we give it power. It becomes big in our mind and hearts and dims our light; we make ourselves small.

Their responses were so motivating that I decided to make a business out of it and now I’m selling them! My life purpose is to make people happier (hence, teaching yoga) and my dream is to be an entrepreneur, and now I am. More happiness, hooray!

My personal (and now company) motto is this: We are not perfect, nor should we strive to be. Doing what we think is “right” when it actually feels “wrong” leads to suffering. Dwelling weighs us down and takes us away from the joy and magic of life.

Let’s let ourselves off the hook. Let’s live consciously honoring our body, soul and spirit with peace, humility and allowance in our hearts. When we find ourselves beating ourselves up for making a “wrong” choice, put that sh*t in a Fuk It Bucket! Seriously brothers and sistas, let it go and lighten up.

Have another drink. Eat dessert. Buy the damn shoes- they’re cute.

Shine your Light, friends. To a happy life!

Sarah Haasis


Sarah Haasis, Fuk It Bucket founder, and Power Vinyasa & Evolation Yoga Instructor. Visit to learn more.