learn the asana essentials

I taught my first class today. 11 days after teacher training ended. 15 days after I taught my first 60-minute 26+2 class in my hot yoga teacher training. This morning, my public class was a 6 a.m. 90 minute class.

As someone who dedicated myself to the asana essentials during training, I must reiterate what our teachers said to us throughout the entire training. Learn. The. Asana. Essentials. Word. For. Word. Learn them. Memorize them. Do not paraphrase them. Dedicate as much time as possible before training to learn them.


I felt good leaving training, I knew I knew the essentials pretty well, although the floor series went by so quickly I know I didn’t dedicate as much of my time to memorizing them as I should have. But this morning, while I served my students with energy, a smile, and about 70% of the essentials, I realized I need to go back, study every day. Memorize the dialog completely, get more classes under my belt and then think about expanding my words as I teach.

There is so much to be concerned with as a new teacher. Old students. New students. Humidity. Oxygen levels. Heat. Where to stand. Where to look. Lights…. Even posture order when I’ve practiced for 8 years… There is so much to think about, so many things that can trigger nerves that the words should not be one of them. The asana essentials (dialog) should be the one thing that is a warm blanket (or a cool wash cloth) in a hot room.

I’m so thankful for the teaching I received in Santa Barbara training. I’m so thankful for the love and support I have at my home studio. I’m grateful for the mentors in my life who support my journey to teach. I am grateful. I am open. I am a teacher. And what I know most importantly is that as a teacher, I will always be a student.



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