preparing for yoga teacher training in costa rica


Flipping between over-excited and over-exhausted, the week leading up to my yoga teacher training in Costa Rica was a roller coaster of polar opposites. Chance had bestowed the gift of the flu on my increasingly rattled brain. I was already jumping back and forth making sure I’d sent all my paperwork, knew what to pack, and was going to be able to finish all of my day-to-day work before heading out to the month long relaxing haven of Costa Rica. Last week was filled with 12 hour work days, keeping up with my yoga practice, and doing all I could to make myself healthy again. It was not the week I had planned before heading out to put my mind and body to the test.

Desperately wanting to be healthy before my flight, stress started subtly gripping me, throwing out whatever little useful sleep I was trying to get. In turn, making my healing process that much more difficult. Luckily, two days before my flight I finished the last bit of work required of me and I decided to chill out and let my body reset. It wasn’t an immediate cure, but my last day home was a drastic improvement and a good sign that things were going to be great in Costa Rica.


As my flight drew nearer, I noticed time was slowing down exponentially. I spent days waiting for the last 6 hours before my flight. Exhilaration, elation, and euphoria had stopped the cheap clock on my wall and no amount of longing or hope could restart the faulty time-piece. I searched my home in anguish, looking for a clock that wouldn’t stop the moment my gaze struck the outer plastic casing. Four equally faulty clocks later, I was finally bouncing up and down in the front seat of the car that was about to ferry me to my evolation yoga teacher training.

A mix of cars, trams, and planes finally got my sick, jet lagged, and sleep deprived body to Costa Rica. And it was amazing. Green mountains, giving people, and the other charming trainees instantly eliminated any ill feelings. An enjoyable shuttle ride later, and I was on the set of Jurassic Park. Fresh exotic fruit, hand picked coconuts, the beautiful blue pacific, and even a crocodile river were all laid out before me. As outstanding as everything was prior to our arrival, the first sight of our living area is what sealed the deal. It is a beautiful house with a view straight out of a Byron poem. After meeting my fellow trainees and seeing our exuberant training space, I knew this was THE place to take a teacher training course. I might only be one day into my training, but I’m ready to embark on this life changing experience.

Ryan McCourt


Ryan took his first hot yoga class in Berlin and just a little over 6 months later he made the plunge to become a qualified yoga teacher. Less than a year later, with valuable teaching experience under his belt, he took TheHotTT 500 hour course to become a 500 hour yoga alliance registered yoga teacher. He's originally from Austin Texas, but moved out to live, work and study with Mark & Zefea in Santa Barbara in 2013. Since joining the evolation collective, he has traveled around the US, Central America and Europe to teach and help at various teacher trainings. To see a few things that he has done, head to