ready to float up? yoga headstand

I remember fondly how hard I worked on my headstand. At first try I was shaky and had to be near a wall, I than graduated to wobbling in headstand on my bedroom floor before crashing to the ground, to eventually after months of practice holding headstand with grace and confidence. Its easy for me now, seemingly effortless at times, I just float up.

However, I remember the first stages of my practice holding on to that headstand for dear life, it was hard, it was work and it took everything I had to maintain it. I soon realized that if I can do things on my mat I NEVER imagined I could, than what about the things off my mat I never believed I could do? WOW, that moment was one of pure joy, it was transformational, it was YOGA.


ready to teach yoga

Although I knew early on that I wanted to teach yoga, I hadn’t truly connected with the why or the how; it was just a feeling that overcame me during one of my first practices, a feeling of “ohhhh, ok now I get it” which quickly shifted to, “I have to share this with others, I must learn how to share this.”

For almost 3 years I have had a special relationship with my yoga mat. I have sweat on it, cried on it, injured myself on it, healed myself on it, jumped for joy on it, laughed hard on it, drooled on it, challenged myself on it; the list goes on and on. I am constantly amazed by the things I have been able to achieve on and more importantly off my mat. Some days it is difficult to get on my mat but I keep stepping back on, I keep being in the moment.

where are you holding on?

I keep asking myself, where are you holding on, where are you struggling to maintain, where are you just surviving as opposed to living your life? I try to find those places while I practice so that I can offer the same kindness, the same ease and grace I can now apply to floating up into headstand. My hope as a teacher is to inspire others to do the same. So maybe you ask yourself, “where am I holding on hard, where can I soften, or even better yet; where can I float up?”

Kelly Tripp


Kelly is a full time working wife and Mom to 3 young girls. She's a faithful yoga practitioner with a strong home practice and an Evolation Extended Flow Teacher Trainee. She believes yoga should be offered in the workplace and schools. She recently began teaching yoga at her own workplace, supported by the organization's Health and Wellness program. Kelly found yoga after battling a staph infection for months shortly after her youngest daughter was born. After that experience she sought ways to become healthy and strong in mind and body. Yoga and healthy eating became part of her daily routine.