serendipity in the yoga studio


“I decided I wanted to become a hot yoga teacher 3 months ago. I had been practicing regularly for about 6 months at a local Atlanta studio and had been asking around about it. My initial hope to train with Bikram himself were dashed after I read the January Vanity Fair article. If I didn’t study with him, where was I going to find the right training?

I arrived at my studio 5 minutes earlier than normal one morning, and standing at the sign in desk, I asked the studio owner if she had given any more thought to where I might find the best training. Before she could answer, a friendly voice behind us said, “I know a great training! I just graduated!” I swung around to meet a smiling woman who just happened to be visiting my studio on her way through Atlanta on business that day.

serendipity and clarity

“Evolation… Check it out online.” I thanked her, and we each walked into class. That evening, after checking out the website and watching the video, I had my first call with Mark (who just happened to be in the rainforest of Costa Rica when I called!). Done and done!

May 5 – Day 1

I arrived exactly on time lugging my 5 bags of “stuff” that I was sure I needed into the Atlanta evolation studio. “Wow! Beautiful, clean, new studio, good choice, so far,” I thought. Right off the bat, Zefea had us introduce ourselves and share a favorite posture. My first rude awakening was when someone threw “Crow” into the mix and I was supposed to be able to also demonstrate it. “Uh oh….”

As the morning unfolded and I listened to Mark and Zefea and Gary begin to outline the week and the challenge before me, I wondered, “What was I thinking? I may be too old, too sick and too tired to be doing this!! I will never look like Zefea in a posture or sound like Gary in dialogue or know the true meaning of yoga like Mark… Oh… Wait a minute… the true meaning of yoga… OK, I’m still good.

Lunch break… walking by the local Mexican restaurant and seeing folks gathering to start celebrating Cinco di Mayo, I thought…. “Margaritas… yes, that’s what I should be doing… not eating celery sticks and carrots and memorizing half moon pose… ugh, what have I gotten myself into?”

Dinner break… Listening to pairs practicing the dialogue, I’m thinking “Everyone knows the dialogue better than me… well everyone except Michael..! Is it too late to go next door and have a margarita??”

Finally, our first class of the day… my body had been aching for it.. “Ok, well done. I remember why I’m here.”

I’m just wondering what time I’ll finally get to bed tonight…

Kathryn Tecosky


Kathryn has been practicing hot yoga since 2007 and says from the first day she did it she knew it was going to be the perfect lifelong exercise for her. Kathryn is already a business owner, professional coach and licensed professional counselor. She is taking the evolation yoga teacher training to not only improve her own practice but to teach at a studio, maybe - one day - even at her own studio.