slowly but surely stepping into the role of yoga teacher

yoga teacher training days 11 & 12

The full moon of day 11 sent everyone into a bit of an emotional tailspin, myself included. We presented the entire standing series… no judgement, no pressure… ya right! I think we were all feeling a little raw, but yet, we did it! Daunting as it was, we all managed to pull it off in some capacity. There was such an amazing level of group support, we couldn’t have asked for more. And at the end of it all, we tacked on Tree and Toe Stand, without any prior studying of the poses (or was that just me??)…

I’m still finding the advanced classes pretty gruelling too… it’s really hard to turn your brain from appalled at what your body refuses to do, to inspired by those who can do it. It is very easy to see the little bendy people at the front of the room and think that will never be me…. yet, if we keep that mind set, then guess what? It will never be us! Although I do remain skeptical and am annoyed that my hips won’t succumb to Lotus position, never mind Frog… I will try and control my brain where I can’t yet control my body. Mind over matter right?

This marks our half way point, we are two weeks in to the yoga teacher training course, and two weeks from finishing… it’s hard to believe it has gone so fast.

It will be very interesting to see what the next two weeks hold. We have said goodbye to our amazing teacher Torrey Trover, and welcomed Toddy Willis in her place (Toddy, you have some big shoes to fill Mate!!). We are getting to know each other and ourselves better. We are slowly but surely stepping into the role of yoga teacher.

yoga teacher training days 13-15

The days are flying by! We are half way through our third week and I suddenly realized that I have three days to catch up on for telling my yogastory; there is just not enough time in the day! Where to start….

Many of us are on an upswing of energy, I myself feel that last week I had less energy and was more achy and emotional, this week I am feeling great! Very few aches and pains, which I am grateful for, and I have lots of energy. Really I am feeling great! The detoxification process of two classes a day has definitely made a huge difference to the way my body reacts to the stress of the course, I feel more balanced and centered and generally healthy and strong.

We have started to study the Chakras and their function in the physical and energetic body, one of my favourite subjects and one that I have been studying for the last few years. I am always fascinated by the correlation between the location on the body, the corresponding colour, sound vibration or frequency, and the body systems affected. We have started at the Root Chakra and covered the Sacral and Solar Plexus, all the “lower” Chakras affecting from the base of our spine to just under the ribs.

We are studying and presenting two postures at a time now, and have presented while running, dancing and standing on our heads… well, Dalia did anyhow. This is basically to induce an excited state in the body which mimics the adrenaline rush of our first few classes; if we can do this dancing, we can do it in the studio environment!

We have been lucky enough to have some great weather and get outside to practice and do our posture mechanics, which is great for morale, getting out of the studying “cave” and into the sunshine perked everyone up and the change of scenery gave us new energy to throw into our presentations of the postures.

All in all it’s going so fast I can’t believe we only have 9 days left!!!!! Will we all be ready to teach a class in just 9 days? I don’t have the answer to that question yet…. ask me in 9 days!

Dee Guns


Dee is a Mom, hairstylist, blogger (, jewelry creator and crystal collector. She experimented with various yoga styles until falling in love with hot yoga about 3 years ago. She has always wanted to become a yoga teacher, and the Evolation course in her hometown of Victoria, BC, was the perfect opportunity to do so. She is putting all her other passions on hold for the duration of the course and loving what she is learning, of the physical and mental aspects of yoga. Dee is also planning to take her level one and two Reiki, and work with crystals for healing. She has an affinity for Angels, crystals, Mother Earth and all her creatures. Her mission is to help people raise their vibration through self awareness and higher consciousness, tapping in to their innate healing capabilities; helping them to heal themselves and also the Earth.