when will I have practiced hot yoga enough for a teacher training?

Back in the 60’s I watched my mom contort into yoga poses that not only looked uncomfortable – they looked downright unnatural! As a six-year-old I didn’t know what this stuff was and didn’t understand the benefits. Things have really changed in the last 50 years!

I saw the “Evolation” sign unfurl at the long-abandoned Big Yellow House and I was intrigued. I thought to myself: I’ve taken a few yoga classes with my daughter and have over 30 years as a homeschool and substitute teacher. I figured I could probably teach yoga, too! The 250 hour intensive course kicked my butt and humbled me. It was the love there that overwhelmed me, too! Our group instantly bonded and over the next month intensified as we learned and blossomed together like a bunch of lotus flowers.

Memorizing, practicing and keen awareness keep me going down this new zen yoga path! And I see why my mom did it, too.


What was new to you?

The biggest thing that was new to me was the heat. The couple of classes I did with my daughter were simple, relaxing classes in our living room. They had a lot of sitting with a focus on taking things easy. The evolation hot yoga teacher training was the first time I practiced hot yoga, so when I said the hot yoga teacher training kicked my butt, I mean it kicked my butt. I liked sweating a lot though. Showed to me that the postures are vigorous and meaningful. You can tell that an Evolation style class is beneficial on a physical layer.

Do you feel ready to teach?

Oh not yet, but I’m getting there. Funny thing is I hadn’t practiced hot yoga before jumping into the teacher training. I live in Carpinteria, working at Recon Cycles, so I’m a local. But The Big Yellow House is a staple in the area and had been abandoned for a long time. So once I saw the Evolation Yoga Santa Barbara sign go up I checked them out online. I talked to some construction workers, then eventually Mark, the owner. He said yes I should sign up for a training and that they “love to throw some newbies into the mix.” Without much practice, the learning curve was a bit steep. Like I was thrown into soup bowl and stirred around a bit. I have found that memorizing the text verbatim is hardest part, especially since I haven’t been practicing for as long as the others here. But I’m riding my bike six miles a day to the studio as much as I can so I can get a double workout and really prepare myself.

What unexpected thing did you gain?

The ending ceremony. I won’t ruin it for anyone, but the final ceremony is really sweet and remarkable.

Diana Blanchard


Diana is a California local. Seeing the Evolation Yoga Santa Barbara studio being built, she met with Mark about taking a teacher training. After completing the 250hr training in Santa Barbara, she now rides her bike to the studio to practice daily.