where has the time gone?


It’s coming to the end of our second week and I cannot believe how fast time has gone by. I looked through our group pictures today and some of them feel like they were taken a lifetime ago. Time is funny like that.

takes long and goes quick

As it is happening, it can feel never-ending, and yet here we are, half way through our training. I am in awe. I feel like so much has changed in such a short time. My life has been moving at rapid fire pace since I began this journey. I was still on a plane this time 12 days ago. Now I am two weeks shy of beginning a new journey as a yoga instructor. The infinite possibility that is before me is overwhelmingly beautiful.


My whole world is overwhelmed. I have been so busy that I haven’t even had time to cry (except that random outburst on day two). I know it’s coming though. For the last few days I have been on the brink of an ugly cry. I would almost be better off to schedule it in on my timetable. At least that way I could do it right. I don’t even know what I want to cry about. I still haven’t had the time to properly digest my resignation let alone finalize it.

time gone

I found out yesterday that I have to be out of my apartment by tomorrow. So I had to peel out of yoga, grocery shop, prep my food for the week, cook, do laundry, pack up and move out of my room, vacuum and clean everything up and then pack my stuff for tomorrow. Then somewhere in that time I was meant to learn two postures. Fat effin’ chance. Honestly my head is wrecked. My body is beat. I have nothing else in me right now. Not even a damn tear; I’m too busy for it anyway.

so much to do, so little time

Today we did two classes back to back. The first class was a hot flow taught by the lovely and talented Maria. She did an incredible job of engaging and energizing us while moving through the series. That’s the thing about Maria; her infectious energy can transform any space. Just being in that class was a pleasure, although it didn’t make Warrior II any easier.

Sadly class number two didn’t go quite the same way. Not only was there a really weird energy in the room, I was freaking beat. I’ve done doubles before but today it was all I could do to keep my sorry self in the room. I didn’t take any extra Savasanas but I sure as hell wanted to.


After lunch I was good to go; nothing like a protein shake and some carbs to kick you back into gear. We spent the rest of the afternoon listening to Mark explain more about yoga theology and the ways in which we can better serve our students.

Mark is such an interesting and complex person. I’m intrigued by his perceptions because he seems to have a sort of knowing that most people cannot comprehend. He makes you more aware of yourself and the boundless possibilities of the SELF. Even trying to articulate this seems like an injustice to what we discussed. I enjoyed his insights but true to my own nature, I had a zillion questions and challenges for his train of thought. He did well to answer what he could, but I don’t think I’ll stop asking.

I suppose there are things that can never be explained. I’m okay with that. But I think that to every fully grasp what Mark was saying I will have to experience it for myself; even just one percent of me. ☺

Chivonne Monaghan


Chivonne's yoga story began five years ago when she discovered the hot yoga Primary Series. She knew instantly she wanted to become a teacher so she could share her passion with others; giving back what had been given to her: inspiration, strength, discipline, compassion and love. After a few years of living in various countries, Chivonne found myself travelling the world as an occupation with a middle-eastern airline. And when the opportunity to become a teacher become available to her in the UAE she quit her job on the spot and enrolled in the course. She feels so truly blessed to be starting her journey into teaching and I is so excited by the endless possibilities that await her.