yoga family week two….


Continuing with last week’s theme of letting go, yesterday we said goodbye to senior teacher Elias who had to leave us to head back to The USA. I am sure I speak for everyone in our group when I say that we will deeply miss his kindness, wisdom and enthusiasm. Whoever gets him next as their teacher – be good to him, or we will make you do a third set of Triangle!

Our little yoga family has really bonded, and so it is bittersweet that we are already halfway through our training and towards achieving our goal of becoming Hot Yoga Teachers. These people whom I only met 2 weeks ago now feel like family. We are beginning to open up and get to know each other and I really feel we will be friends for life after sharing an experience such as this. A common theme amongst the group this week was the realisation of how much we have all previously underestimated ourselves. We all successfully delivered the Standing Series to each other – what a relief to get that under our belts! The days are long, the nights are late, but we are definitely getting out what we put in. Our eyes are tired but full of light.


For me, there seems to be a definite re-programming from my natural-born-default-setting of saying No first, instead of Yes, and always assuming that the worst case possible scenario is imminent. There is a much greater chance of everything falling together instead of apart, if I only choose to look at life that way instead. As my favourite parking machine in the mall says when I put my ticket in to pay – “Change is possible”. I made it to Teacher Training didn’t I? We are all learning to be kinder to our bodies and minds, and encouraging this of ourselves as we respectfully support each other with the same compassion. We are also learning to be present in the present. “Now” is where the yoga happens, so this is definitely where I want to hang out….

P.S Favourite and Realising are not typo’s, I’m from New Zealand! I am clarifying this to my computer’s spellcheck, as much as to you 

Emmanuelle Gomez


Emmanuelle is from Dunedin, New Zealand. When she is not in the hot room she enjoys music, sunshine and spending time with her 4 beautiful children. She is writing about her yoga teacher training experience while in the 250 hour yoga teacher training Melbourne.