#yogastory – letting go of attachments

This entry comes two months after my wonderful training experience in Hawaii. I went to training to learn to teach the 90 minute, hot yoga class, 26 postures done twice. I had practiced this asana practice for seven years. A committed daily practice for the last four years. Other types of yoga asana held little interest for me.

The training program delivered everything I had expected; dialogue, posture mechanics, anatomy classes, a healthy vegetarian diet, and hoped for; a better sense of Self, a wonderful loving yoga family, a focus on being present.


On the first morning of training, I returned from the local market with a cup of java. Torrey, a wonderful Senior Instructor, gently pointed out that the thirty day training would be a wonderful time to start letting go of “attachments” such as a daily coffee habit. I didn’t bother to explain that my daily java is decaf, and that I was pretty sure it wouldn’t be all that difficult to give up this particular attachment. I started to think about what my “attachments” were, but really didn’t settle on anything in particular.

During the next four weeks, we learned and practiced the 26+2 series. We also practiced a fair bit of Flow, a little Yin, and a couple of rocking Advanced Classes. The Senior Teaching Team, Torrey, Maria, Zefea and Mark were diverse in their teaching approaches and delivered some truly life changing classes!

I’ve returned from training, and have found true fulfillment in a class that I teach twice each week. It is with a group of students, largely new to yoga, that really look forward to their 45 minute classes….at room temperature……with music. A series of postures that I created, with Maria’s guidance. She also helped guide me to music my students love. It is everything that my own daily practice isn’t, relaxed, flexible, always subtly changing from class to class.

I think my Evolation training led me to discover my “attachment,” in the place I least expected to find it.

Bob Stoltz


From Iowa, he has been practicing hot yoga for more than 7 years before taking his Hot Yoga Teacher Training With Evolation Yoga. Bob recently completed the Evolation Yoga 250HR Hot Training in Hawaii in February of 2015.