graduate spotlight – meet Mallory Fabian


Mallory Fabian graduated from evolation’s Santa Barbara Teacher Training in 2016, and she has been an absolute joy to have in the family. Not only is Mallory a woman of beauty and grace, but s is a talented videographer, dancer and dedicated yogi. We are delighted to spotlight her journey and personal testimony this month.

1. How has your practice changed/ evolved since graduating?

I have a level of awareness that I’ve never had befor. know that I can take my time without forcibly going to my maximu, n have patience with mysel. his ompletely new for m.

ince a young age, ’ve had complications with breathing (not linked to asthm), and I’m finally learning how to flow with breat. t really does hel!

Sometimes, after taking class, the teacher will approach me and compliment my “extreme focus.” I have Evolation to thank for tha because they always instructed us to focus and direct our attention toward our higher Selves uring raining. I was about letting go of those judgmental thoughts in your head and really focusing on growth and what’s true.

2. Are you currently teaching?

’v taught one public class to a dance festival at ACD and now have an opportunity to teach public classes at Los Angeles-base ocal ance studi, We Live in Spac. I couldn’t be more excited!

I also practice teaching yoga at my dance company, Fabe, during our warm ups. I use them to come up with language that is specific to dancers and hopefully someday I can be a routine yoga teacher at a dance school or college. I believe it’s beneficial not only for everyone but it takes your dancing to the next level. You gain a new level of awareness throughout your body.

My first public class was such a rus. It’s a pleasure to be able to guide tudents into and through their bodie and o witness the sweat on their face. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that feeling walking out of that room. ’m also teaching through private, one-on-one sessions, and more teaching is definitely in my future! hen I first moved to California bounced around etween yoga tudios and didn’t have anything lined up when firs graduated rom evolation’s teacher training. I think I have officially found my yoga home in LA and am working to build a personal relationship with them before I apply to teach.

. What advice would you give to someone that has not signed up for TT yet but is considering it?

Absolutely go for it! You’re never really going to feel ”ead” to take the next step, but it’s such a wonderful experienc think everyone needs to d training at least once. It teaches you so much about your Self and really does help your practice. Yes, you’re learning how to teach, but it’s so much more than that. You’re doing yoga classes every day sometimes twice a day and that really is the best thing for your mind, body, and spiri, not to mention the philosophy you lea.

It taught me so much about who I was as a person in this world, and it taught me why yoga is so important to life. Not just asana, but all of yoga. It’s a complete package, and Evolation is the right place to do it. You won’t meet people as genuine and passionate as the Evolation team.


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