how to maintain your practice while traveling


Did you know that a record 100 million U.S. residents will travel at least 50 miles away from home over the upcoming holiday?

That is a lot of planes, trains, and automobiles!

With the added responsibility of organizing gifts, travel, meals, and fussy children, its no wonder that fitness and yoga often fly out the window.

It’s definitely a challenge – at one of the times we need the mental and physical aspects of yoga the most, we tend to let our practice dwindle.

Traveling in cars and on airplanes can be especially tough on the body. Sitting for long periods of time slows blood circulation, decreases core strength, disrupts digestion, weakens bones and decreases flexibility in your hips.

In this post, we’ll explore yoga postures that will help with each of these things.

One of the great things about yoga is that you can take it anywhere – literally.

All you need is your body and your breath.

Whether you are staying in a hotel or in your parent’s guest bedroom, this simple guide will help to ease holiday tension and keep you connected to your practice!



This pose is a lateral flexion (side-bending) posture, opening up the sides of the body at the beginning of class. It also strengthens the legs and the arms and gets the body warmed up!

The way your body weight is falling through your feet effects the way you feel the pose through your spine. With body weight more in the heels, you will feel a lift through the spine, less compression through the lower back, and a deeper side body stretch.




This is a highly cardiovascular posture, greatly working the heart and lungs. This asana is also a great hip opener and integrator of the legs to the pelvis. You can begin to find the support of your pelvic floor helps the legs stay put and not slide apart.




This asana requires much strength throughout the core to enter and exit properly. This is a mild inversion, very accessible to beginners. It is very restful and rejuvenating.




This is one of the deepest backbends of the hot class. With the wonderful opening in the front of the body created with this asana, lung capacity is increased, neck pain can be alleviated and also re-alignment of the pelvis achieved.




Performing this asana creates a deep compression in the hip joints, stimulating blood flow and production of synovial fluid there. The pressure the thigh creates against the abdomen combined with the downward pressure of the respiratory diaphragm in breathing gives the internal organs a wonderful massage. Especially the large intestine.




It can be difficult to find a state that isn’t waking and isn’t sleeping. Not daydreaming, not going into loops of thought, and also not falling asleep. It’s this dance between those states that is savasana. This pose is a resting pose. Lie down and let your feet flop open, rape your arms by your sides (palms face up), and close your eyes!! Hold for 5-10 minutes at the end of practice.

Allison Antoinette


Allison Antoinett is the newest addition to evolation yoga with a background in Ashtanga and Kundalini yoga alongside holistic nutrition. er inquisitive brai inds joy in Eastern traditions and looks to help improve a quality of life for all.