How Yoga Can Help Seniors Find the Stress Relief They Seek


The exercise that comes with yoga has been shown in numerous studies to have benefits for people of all ages, and the practice is excellent for seniors as well. Yoga can be great for older adult, as it helps reduce stress in your life, both mental and physical, and works to do this in many ways. If you’re a senior, there are several ways that yoga works to help you find the stress relief you seek.

Increases Awareness and Presence
Yoga provides many mental health benefits. By practicing yoga, you learn to be more in the present moment. You also increase your knowledge of what is happening around you. Staying present helps to release tension and stress and allows you be happier in every moment of your day to day life.

Works to Improve Existing Conditions
Yoga has been shown to reduce pain and to benefit people with several medical conditions. Those who practice it have lower incidence of hypertension and gain menopausal relief. It also contributes to managing diabetes and promoting bone health.

Manages Your Weight
Yoga also assists seniors in losing weight and maintaining their body shape better. The exercise doesn’t have to be extremely strenuous to gain benefits. The light exercise that yoga provides for seniors is enough to create a significant change in your body.

Lowers Blood Pressure and Resting Heart Rate
Yoga has also been shown in studies to improve and lower blood pressure. It has also been shown to reduce the resting heart rate in people who practice yoga. There’s no denying that these aspects are significant for seniors. Yoga can be a great regular practice for the elderly for improving their health.

Strengthens Your Energy
Yoga also helps to give you more energy. The practice of focusing on your body and your breath and performing exercise all work together to release endorphins. Yoga will make your body and your mind more and more energized every day that you practice.

Final Thoughts
All the above benefits work together to help reduce your stress. Yoga helps by helping you to be in the present moment, gain more energy, lowers blood pressure and heart rate, and manages your weight. This relaxing practice may be exactly what you need to be happier, healthier, and less stressed.

Sally Phillips