proper alignment in yoga


In yoga we hear constantly about the “proper” alignment and how an asana is supposed to look. In yoga teacher training we look at the intrinsics and breakdown each posture one by one, learning different modifications and contraindications. However, there are times when certain alignment cues apply for certain bodies in certain poses and other times when they don’t. There is no universally correct alignment—there is only correct alignment for an individual in a specific asana.

alignment in yoga

Alignment is about trying and finding out what feels good for each individual’s body, encouraging the students to try suggestions, but finding the right way for them which feels good, as a teacher I believe we can offer ways to align but the student has to find their way, just like in life. Teachers are there to support and guide the students.

Yoga is not just about doing the asanas it is about an “un-doing” of what is in the way of the postures. On the mat we are constantly challenging our thought and behavioural patterns whilst invoking in self-reflection, it is not just about the yoga pose, it is a journey deep within, a journey back home to ourselves. Yoga postures are tools to help us with this process and walk this path. The change lies in learning about ourselves and challenging ourselves to do something we thought we couldn’t do before, that is where real transformation and blossoming of the self occurs.


alignment in life

There is alignment in yoga and then there is alignment in life. What does it really mean to be in “alignment”?

I found this concept hard to grasp at first, however with time it has become more obvious to me and I now understand the deeper meaning. I believe to find alignment means to pick the thought which vibrates at the same frequency as the frequency of the desire with your higher self, this is the key to manifestation. If we hold a thought which is out of alignment with our own desires, we will suffer and prevent the manifestation of this wish we have given birth to in the first place. If we hold a thought which is in alignment with our desires, we will feel positive emotion and allow the manifestation of this desire to come into existence. I constantly remind myself to choose to feel the thoughts that make me feel emotionally good, and not focus on thoughts that make me feel emotionally bad.

The things that you truly desire will never come to you on any other pathways other than your highest one, your true self. This is because your higher self sent you into this world with a purpose and everything to do with that purpose is what truly makes you happy. The feeling of joy, happiness, fulfillment and true desire is what you experience when you think in alignment with your true self. These feelings were programmed into your soul before it transformed into the physical. These feelings are your guides of what you are truly here for.

Your perfect life is experienced the moment you step on to your true path where you are living your dream and expressing yourself fully in each and every moment. Your perfect life is not something you have to move towards in time, it is something right beside you that you can begin right now. It is not something in the future but what you can experience in the present now. When you shift into your destiny, it is perfect. This applies to yoga too, the perfect posture is the one you are experiencing right now on the mat, without having to push, pull or force.

Take time to think about your “alignment.” Are you truly in line with your thoughts? Are your actions coherent with your thoughts?

“Authenticity is the alignment of the heart, head, mouth and feet. Thinking, saying and doing the same thing-Consistently” Lance Secretan.

Louise Stokes


Lou is a blogger & yoga teacher. After completing evolations primary teacher training in July 2011, she is now traveling the world (current stop: evolation yoga – Sunshine Coast in Austrailia) to share the yoga love.