I want to share my experience of my TT with Evolation as is a tranning that changed my life and the collective keeps inspiring me.

I was living in Spain at that moment, I am a truly believer that “Everything happens for a reason”; some time before the training I sent to the universe my intention to do a Hot yoga TT but never set a date as most of them where far away and required me to travel for at least one month, which at that time was not in my plans, someone talked me about the Evolation training and immediately I searched for it, asked, informed myself and it realized it was coming to Madrid that same year. So I knew it was meant to be!!!. It was very accesible seeing it moves from one country to another and having the opportunity to keep joining another trainnings was also a plus for me.

The date arrived and I was super excited for it. I met the teachers: Zefea, Mark, Todd and Torrey. From all of them I learned things I never knew about the poses, about their alignment and how to teach. Every class there was many new things I was absorbing that It blowed my mind. Their classes were different than many I have practiced before; they were teaching really from their heart, without an ego, without pushing and just for the yoga love.

The group of people in the training was a concoction of personalities which all of them gave some spices to the training making it more interesting and fun. Days were passing by, between anathomy, posture clinics, hearing everyone repeat the Asana Essentials over and over again, great food, fun and hot lessons I was feeling I was living “the life of my dreams”. One day I remember exactly where I was walking, suddenly tears came out of my eyes, I was so surprised (not because I don’t cry, I cry maybe once a month) but because these tears where joy tears just coming out, my heart was so so happy and full that my soul just began to cry with a big smile in my face. I knew it, sourrounded just by lovely people sharing what we love (yoga), nourturing my soul everyday made my heart felt this way. I was super happy.

I learnt more than what I imagined, I was ready to teach, and I teached to all the group at the very end of the training. After it, I teached my first class maybe 2 weeks before and I felt very confident and proud of myself for it. The training gave me the tools to teach, to help students, to know the correct alignment and modifications for the postures.

Before this training I already have done another 4 yoga trainnings, and I can say this is the one that I enjoyed the most and learnt the most. I don’t like to compare, but this training was very different from the rest. In this training the biggest teaching was:”how to teach from your heart”.

After the training I kept in touch with many of the friends I made there, I have seen some of them in their countries for a short visit, and also I have re-joined a training in Tulum, going back to the roots to connect with more Yogis, with Zefea and Mark is family time (if you have done a training you know what I mean).


Ana Fernanda Lopez Avilez
evolaion Teacher Training Graduate
Madrid, 2014

Ana Lopez


After dedicating her full attention to hot yoga for two years in Madrid, Ana fell in love with hot yoga and its benefits. She got certified with Evolation Yoga in 2014 and now she is teaching yoga in Helsinki, Finland. Ana owns a hot yoga studio there as she has discovered that Finns can really benefit from yoga with the hard climatic changes that surrounds them. She truly believes in healing the human body with the energy of asanas and correct stimulation.