The Best Yoga Adventure for the Newbies and the Seasoned Veterans


Being mindful takes work. It takes maintenance and hard work and a lot of intention. If you already commit to the practice of yoga and want to try out a more serious venue, or if you’re brand new to the practice and are ready to test out the waters in a group setting, here are a few options. From come and go festival to all-day retreat, options for a great yoga adventure abound.

Best Yoga Festival

The Hanuman Festival is located in Boulder, Colorado, and features some of the most well-respected Yogis from all over the world. The groundbreaking festival also features live music, and TedTalks-inspired “Wisdom Talks” from a diverse range of speakers including astrologists and photographers. It’s located in the heart of the city, so unlike many festivals that keep festival-goers on-site, attendees at Hanuman are encouraged to explore and enjoy the city to discover their own hidden gems, then return to the festival each day for focus and renewal. There are also ample opportunities for a nature lover to get in some world-class hiking and biking, and breathtaking pictures (Boulder is at the base of the Rocky Mountains). Satisfy your wanderlust with service-based trip offerings throughout the year to sacred sites in gorgeous far away lands like India and Peru.


Best Yoga on the Beach

The Maya Tulum retreat will pique any beach lover’s interest. What makes Tulum special? Precious loggerhead sea turtles come up the beach and lay eggs in the early summer, breathtaking ancient Mayan ruins and authentic thatched-roof yoga halls are among the wonders. Yoga in Paradise is offered in February and March, but multiple different retreats are offered year-round. Even if a retreat isn’t your thing, experienced teachers lead twice-daily classes at the resort. Pop in whenever. They’re open to the public and only $15.

Best Yoga in the Big Apple

The best part about a yoga adventure in Bedford is that it’s only a ten-minute cab ride from Bedford Hills Station, easily accessible from the metro. This place is a hidden gem in a big city. But as any yoga connoisseur will tell you, the key to a great yoga experience is all about your yogi. And David “Yeah Dave” Romanelli is one of a kind. Case in point: he’s the author of “Yeah Dave’s Guide to Livin’ the Moment: Getting to Ecstasy Through Wine, Chocolate, and Your iPod Playlist.” If you’re a permanent NYC resident, rent a place nearby. Out of towner? Make a trip of it by staying at Richard Gere’s Inn, where daily classes and workshops are taught in their Yoga Loft.

Best Yoga and Meditation

The Sedona Yoga Festival is one that effortlessly combines the ancient practices of yoga and meditation. While many believe that yoga is meditation, SYF focuses on nonstop sessions all day for all three days, ranging in content from healing meditation to yoga for the bereaved or those who have suffered traumatic brain injury. This festival treats the body, mind and soul, especially those who have experienced or are currently experiencing emotional, psychological and physical pain. Additionally in this yoga adventure, Sedona offers endless hiking trails, breathtaking red rock formations (it almost looks like Mars!) and world-class resorts.



Evolation yoga is devoted to helping you become more Self-centered – in an ego-free way. By combining the powerful physical properties of hot yoga with the awareness-enhancing effects of meditation, evolation’s aim is to make you healthier, happier, and more in touch with that elusive little thing called the Self.