Meet Our Grads: Amanda Hippert

Meet Amanda Hippert, one of our earliest Evolation graduates, who is an inspirational yogi, studio owner, and textile designer. Amanda's yoga journey began in 2007 in Costa Rica, when she took her first hot yoga classes. 

"I first started to practice yoga because I was looking for something that would help me connect more with myself. I fell in love with Bikram yoga; the sweating, the heat, and the postures that made me feel so different and refreshed after each class. It was the perfect challenge for me." 

Deciding she was hooked on hot yoga, Amanda moved to Buffalo, NY to practice with evolation founders Mark Drost & Zefea Samson. A few years later, she took the lunge and began her hot yoga teacher training. Here's what she had to say about her training.

"I learned to listen to my inner self. I had a group of trainees by my side that I will always feel connected to in a very special way. I think Evolation prepared me very well to go out into the world and teach, as Mark & Zefea encouraged me to tap into that teacher inside me. I really saw them as great mentors or even "yoga parents", and I felt greatly supported. Zefea guided me through and kept mentoring me on my tone of voice and projection. I would saw this YTT not only taught me to teach yoga but to teach in other areas of my interest."

A few years after her hot training, Amanda decided to come back and complete her flow certification as well.  She shared her love of yoga and taught regularly for 5 years before moving back to Costa Rica to open her very own studio in La Fortuna - the first official yoga studio in her town! 

"I would never imagine this was my destiny or that I would own a yoga studio, but here I am."

Has yoga changed your life? Do you dream of sharing yoga and helping others? Check out our training details or submit an entry in our yoga challenge this week to win a free 250-hour yoga teacher training in Santa Barbara, California!